Volunteer: Retired/Experience Librarians

7.23.16 –  Retired/Experienced Volunteer Librarians
International Professors Project, New York, USA (Virtual)

Sarah P’s comments: A chance to become involved with international work without leaving home and part-time as well for anyone who is working.

1. 3 Librarians needed to identify, organize and curate Open Educational Resources for an online global university currently being established for populations in developing countries. Experienced retired librarians are most welcome to apply. Please be available for 6-8 hours a week with a minimum 6 month commitment.

Our all volunteer group enjoys some Google backing.

2. 2 Librarians wanted for helping us design and develop a networked organization, beginning with integrating in house activities with our growing reliance upon social media activities to serve professors, students, university deopertments, NGO and nonprofit organizations, mainly within the developing world.

Retired librarians are warmly welcomed to share their expertise, imaginations and experience with our all volunteer-driven group,which sports some Google backing.


The International Professors Project ( IPP ) is a global network of professors assisting emerging nations, especially in higher education. We accomplish this as academic citizens of the world, on university campuses around the globe, and also remotely via email, Google+, Skype, LinkedIn, etc.

Academic professionals and students now are part of IPP’s development .

IPP is an innovation, inspired in large part by current trends towards globalization.It uses interconnections , conultations, promotions and recruiting to fulfill its mission.

We are a technologically-oriented, hybrid academic organization, working to meet the higher education faculty and libarian needs around the world. Google has for years been generous, with a grant, a gift, volunteers, and free tools.

Helping less developed countries improve domestic educational opportunities, especially by assisting professors, is how we spend much of our volunteer time.

Spreading partly by our dedicated networking diffusion, with each participating professors group, individual academic, and university department making its own cultural, social, ideological, and technological contributions.

International Professors was also founded to create and maintain a new institutional pathway towards an appropriate and ‘developing-world-sensitive’ internationalization of higher education.

We also work to engage and volunteer for universities and professors less attached to locale, such as transnational and expatriate professors, and those academics who identify themselves as international professors.

We serve developing world professors, students, NGOs and universities

The International Professors Project is a U.S. not-for-profit organization with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.


Webinar: Opportunities for LIS Professionals in the Fulbright Program

4.5.16 –  Opportunities for LIS Professionals in the Fulbright Program

Sarah P’s comments:  IRRT (The International Relations Round Table) recently hosted a very interesting and informative webinar about the Fulbright Program, an opportunity for USA citizens. I have more information and resources about the Fulbright Program listed on my Book Resources page (Chapter 8).  Fortunately for those who missed it, the program was recorded and you can listen to it via this link:

Opportunities for LIS Professionals in the Fulbright Program

About the program: An overview of opportunities for LIS professionals in the Fulbright program, including: the application process, getting your workplace on-board with your candidacy and grant, experiences living/working/teaching abroad, and how a Fulbright can enhance your career and studies. This webinar is informal and is not an official webinar sponsored or endorsed by Fulbright, CIES, IIE, or the US State Department.

Co-sponsors of this webinar are the Society of American Archivists’ Stu-dents and New Archives Professionals Roundtable and the International Ar-chival Affairs Roundtable. The speakers will include: (1) Natalie Baur, US Student Researcher; (2) Chris Prom, US Scholar; (3) Richard Sapon-White, US Scholar; (4) Andrea Malone, Fulbright Specialist.

Volunteer: School Librarian

3.30.16 –  Volunteer School Librarian
Haven of Peace Academy (HOPAC), Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Sarah P’s comments:  This institution advertises this position every December however they have just re-advertised so I assume they have not yet found a candidate.


The mission of Haven of Peace Academy (HOPAC) is to provide an excellent, Christ-centred, international education that meets western academic standards and equips students to live out a biblical worldview in all areas of life to the glory of God.

Haven of Peace Academy is seeking a Librarian for the 2016/2017 school year. School year: August – June with classes Monday to Friday. HOPAC follows the Cambridge curriculum.

HOPAC, founded in 1994, is an international Christian K-12 school with over 300 students from 33 different countries and a variety of religious backgrounds including Christian, Muslim and Hindu. While the majority of students come from families of missionaries and the non-profit and international business community, one third are Tanzanian.

HOPAC teachers must be committed Christian, 55 years of age or younger with Bachelor degree, at least 3 years of teaching experience and fluency in English. HOPAC expects teaching staff to be supported spiritually and financially through a mission organization or home church. The school provides volunteer staff assistance in the form of a monthly living allowance that covers a significant portion of monthly in-country expenses.


– Bachelors Degree

– Evangelical Christian

– 3+ years experience

How to Apply:  Please email Cover Letter and CV to personnel@hopac.net. Kindly state the job posting in the email subject line.

Job: Information Technology Librarian

9/15/15 –  Information Technology Librarian
Library and Learning Commons, Zayed University, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Sarah P’s comments: Zayed has been considered one of the better colleges to work for in the UAE however in recent years their reputation has slipped.  They have always had sporadic hiring practices; interviewing then no communication, it appearing that a job is likely and then no contract, etc.  Last year Zayed advertised for four librarian positions for their two campuses (Abu Dhabi and Dubai), one of them being the Assistant Tech Director, who is the supervisor for this position.

Dubai is a new, crazy city with lots of traffic but it is interesting and the Emirates remain a safe to live.  Be prepared for more expats than Arab nationals and watch the low oil prices because this is affecting the economy.


The Library & Learning Commons seeks an incumbent for the position of Information Technology Librarian, reporting to the Assistant Director, Technical Services. The position plays a key role in the Technical Services Department of Library and Learning Commons to support the library operations by maintaining Integrated Library System (ILS) and associated applications; incorporating new technologies and implementing innovative solutions to enhance learning and research for the information needs of students, faculty and users of Zayed University Library; providing functional support and training for library staff in the operation of the Library System and associated applications.

Critical Success Factors:
• Demonstrated knowledge of information technology applied in library and research settings
• Knowledge of current standards in cataloging and metadata description
• Ability to work efficiently and effectively, both independently and with a wide variety of people, staff resources and departments
• Ability to work in a rapidly changing environment

The Responsibilities:

  • Work with the Assistant Director of Technical Services to prepare the short and long-term plans, implement the technical projects in the Library, and recommend innovative initiatives and technology to expand library services
    • In collaboration with Technical Service Team, Zayed University IT, Library vendor and other business partners, to implement the new ILS with the agreed project outcomes delivering on time, within budget and in optimal use
    • Responsible for the maintenance, coordinate the testing of upgrades and new functionality
    • Manage bibliographic data loads and database maintenance routines, maintain logs of system programs, creates reports and globally update data in the Library System
    • Help with troubleshooting and resolving hardware, software and network problems in the Library
    • Contribute to the analysis of supporting development of Library System and associated applications, and the adoption of functional changes that lead to improvements in service and workflows
    • Collaborate with IT and business partners to ensure system/database integrity and information security
    • Provide functional support and training for library staff in the operation of the Library System and associated applications
    • Contribute to the on-going development of the Library System by participating in user groups and forums locally, in the region and/or internationally
    • Perform any duties as assigned by the superiors

The Requirements

  • Master’s degree in Library and Information Science from an ALA accredited program or its equivalent
    • A minimum of 6 years of relevant library related experience
    • Formal qualifications or studies in a computer studies related field would be advantageous
    • Knowledge of current library information technologies, library bibliographic standards and cataloging rules
    • Skilled in working with current web standards, application programming and mobile technology
    • Experience in system migration at academic library setting and/or working as system administrator, preferably in Millennium/Sierra, is desirable
    • Fluency in written and spoken English is essential
    • Knowledge of Arabic is desirable but not a requirement

The Benefits

The University’s benefits package is highly attractive, with competitive salaries free of tax in the U.A.E., housing, a furniture allowance, annual vacation airline tickets for the employee and immediate family, educational subsidies for children and healthcare is provided to the employee and sponsored family members.

To Apply

In addition to completing the online application form, attach a cover letter, a current CV, and the names and contact details of three professional references.
While we appreciate all applications, you will be contacted only if you are selected for an interview.





News: Volunteer Librarian Returns…

3.4.16 – Volunteer Librarian
Sand Castle Library & Bookmobiles, Bay Islands, Honduras

Sarah P’s comments:  As promised, here is the review of Cate Carlyle’s recent volunteer trip to the Bay Island of Honduras.  This was an opportunity I posted last year after I received an introductory e-mail from the Director.  From the start Cate worked hard to make this opportunity work for her.  She corresponded about how best to help the library and the best times to go and then found time in her busy schedule.  I am glad the result was an overall positive experience and I hope this paves the way for other librarians to volunteers there as well.


Cate walking to work.jpg

Cate walking to work

I spent this past week, Study Break Week at the university where I work, volunteering in the Sandcastle Library on the island of Roatan Honduras. I covered my own travel and accommodation costs and used personal holiday time away from work. With the help of a generous donation from Mount saint Vincent University’s Faculty of Child & Youth Study, as well as the monetary donations and donations of school supplies from colleagues, friends and family, I was able to take two extra suitcases of school supplies and ship Spanish childrens’ books and readers to Roatan as well. These books and supplies were very much appreciated by the Partners in Education Roatan (PIER (http://www.pierroatan.org/) and Sandcastle Library staff. The kitchen timers (used to train teachers on how long to plan and deliver lessons in the classroom) and the magnifying glasses I donated were of particular interest, while scotch tape are markers are precious commodities as well. The staff also proudly wore the Nova Scotia and Canada tartan lanyards I took down for them.  I worked from 9am to 4pm most days organizing and cleaning the library, classifying the collection and assisting staff with the translation of language arts lesson plans and the integration of games into lesson planning. I also conducted a brief PD session with staff on book talks, conducting read-alouds, reading response, promoting and modeling reading and selecting materials for children.




There are no other public libraries on the island and only one school library. SandcastleLibrary was created in a former resort dive centre, by an ex-pat couple, for the community of Sandy Bay. The PIER President, Cam O’Brien, and Sandcastle staff (shout out to the amazing Celaura in the library) are incredible people; all highly motivated, generous, caring and committed to improving the quality of life on the island. Plans are in the works to move the library closer to town, off the beach, and to increase its size, scope and influence. PIER also runs two bookmobiles which travel to local schools and PIER and the library staff work on training local teachers in more current educational practices. The island does not have a newspaper, parents share the belief with their children that “reading makes you crazy”, and most reading is of the Bible (learned by rote). Reading for pleasure and reading comprehension are two of the hurdles the staff face when promoting literacy on the island. This year, PIER is facing an extra hurdle of trying to keep their second bookmobile on the road. They face a cost of $4000 US to keep the bookmobile running to the schools with books and staff eager to engage with children, promote literacy and model modern teaching methods for the teachers. Monetary donations are desperately needed in order to keep this program running.


Geckos on the bookmobile, in the books and on the shelves, mouse droppings, and biting bugs were a new challenge for me (bugs and geckos in the bed also made sleeping a bit tricky). I was able to initiate a “Get Caught Reading” campaign which the library will soon implement, as well as plant the seeds for an open house/community day to try to dispel some of the negative images which the parents have of the library and reading.

Library Before.jpg

Library Before…

Library After.jpg

Library After



News: Follow a Volunteer Librarian

1.27.16 –  Follow a Volunteer Librarian…

Sarah P’s comments:  Over a year ago I posted a volunteer librarian opportunity in a small library in Roatan, Honduras.  Pro-active librarian Cate Carlyle pursued this opportunity and, though it has taken her time to work out the details, she stuck with it and is now about to travel down for a week in February.  I was hoping to be able to accompany her but, as I am still a working librarian and active mother, sadly won’t be able to, at least time…So, I, like many others, will take this opportunity to live vicariously.  I am also hoping that her review of her experience will pave the way for others to be able to commit to volunteering as well.  In the meantime, here is Cate’s Fundrazr page, which I hope readers will visit and, as I already have, contribute to her worthy cause.

From Cate:

I will soon be traveling to the Sandcastle Library in Roatan, Honduras to help train library staff, create literacy kits for the library and bookmobile, and assist with collection organization and classification. The library is overseen by the NGO Partners in Education Roatan (PIER) which is dedicated to improving education and quality of life for the Roatan people.

I will be paying  my own way and taking personal time from work to volunteer as advocating for libraries and providing access to library services in order to improve quality of life for EVERYONE are very important to me.

We are very privileged to live in North America and to have access to excellent libraries, information services, reading materials, tehcnology and schools. Please help me to  improve access for those less fortunate, one library at a time!

Sand Castle Library




Volunteer: Join the International Librarian Network

1/18/16 – Join the International Librarian Network

Sarah P’s comments:  If you are looking for a way to begin to have an international connection here is an opportunity.  I was involved in their previous round and was paired with a Canadian librarian working in Qatar.  It was an interesting experience and I am probably going to do it again with the hope of being paired with someone working in a different region as I already know so much about the Middle East from my years of working there.

The ILN Motto: A meeting place for librarians from around the world.

Applications are now open: new round begins March 2016

Want to build your professional network and learn about librarianship around the world? Love the idea of professional travel but just don’t have the budget? The International Librarians Network (ILN) is for you. We are pleased to announce the next round of this popular program will commence in early March 2016.

The ILN peer mentoring program is a facilitated program aimed at helping librarians develop international networks. Participating in the ILN brings wider professional awareness, an international perspective to your work, new ideas, and increased professional confidence. We know this because many of our participants tell us – and we’ve had over 3500 librarians from 120+ countries take part so far.

Applications for the next round of partnerships will open in mid January and close at midnight on Sunday 14th February 2016. Numbers are limited, so apply early to ensure you don’t miss out.

The ILN is open to anyone working (or studying) in the library and information industry around the world. The program is free and the only requirements to participate are an internet connection, fluent English skills, an hour each week and a desire to build professional connections and learn from colleagues.

Get involved now! Find out more about the way the program works, or apply online.