Job: Librarian at Sea

2/3/14 – Assistant Librarian  (summer 2015 and Fall 2015)
Semester at Sea, University of Virginia

Assists the senior librarian, appointed by the University of Virginia, in the general operation of the 10,000 volume library aboard the mv Explorer. Duties include cataloging (LC), reference work, faculty assistance, shelf reading, supervision of work- study students, maintaining 15-hour a day library operation, and collection review. The collection is developed to support the liberal arts, itinerary-oriented international study program conducted on board ship.

Sarah P’s comments:  This is a truly great opportunity to sail around the world while you work.  The pay is minimal (approx $2,000) but room and board is included and you are allowed to bring your spouse/family.  The grapevine advice is that you need to be persistent and expect to apply and interview more than once before being hired.  I did score an interview and the timing was about six-nine months before the actual sailing date although they post the positions much earlier.

Job: Librarian (on a Cruise Ship!)

1/10/14 – Cruise Ship Librarian

There are two jobs open at the moment:
Just Cruis’n Cruising Recruitment
Holland America Line

Sarah P’s comments:  I keep hearing about this job avenue.  With cruising still on the rise in popularity this seems to be a new thing.  Not sure how good a life it is however some folks are blogging about their experiences.  See the links below for more info.  If you would like to go to sea but want a more traditional, short-term, and/or academic experience check out Semester-at-Sea.

Interview with a Cruise Ship Librarian
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