Job: Director, Library Services

5/10/15 –  Director, Library Services
American University of the Caribbean, Saint Maarten

Sarah P’s comments:  There were seven Caribbean medical positions listed in 2014.  This is the second position to be listed in 2015 so it would appear that the shortage of qualified medical librarians continues.  AUC is a member of the DeVry University and one of the oldest Caribbean medical schools.  For more information and reviews visit the Caribbean Medical Schools section of ValueMD (also listed in my Book Resources section).

American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine (AUC)

American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine (AUC) is an international medical school preparing physicians for careers in the United States, Canada, and worldwide. AUC was founded in 1978 and is fully accredited by the Accreditation Commission on Colleges of Medicine, which is recognized by the US Department of Education and the World Health Organization. AUC offers a diversity of students, primarily US citizens and permanent residents, with the opportunity to pursue a high-quality medical education. AUC graduates are practicing medicine in some of the most prestigious hospitals in the United States, with many earning Chief Resident positions and other positions of leadership.

AUC employs a U.S. model curriculum, with two years of medical sciences taught at the St. Maarten campus, followed by two years of clinical sciences taught at affiliated hospitals in the United States and United Kingdom. AUC is known for its student–centered environment, a faculty passionate about teaching, and a commitment to giving students who have the desire, the persistence, and the intellectual capacity an opportunity to become outstanding physicians. In 2013, AUC achieved a first-time pass rate of 97 percent on USMLE, which is on par with the rate achieved by US and Canadian schools, and above the rate achieved by osteopathic schools (94 percent) and international schools (79 percent).


The director will direct the affairs of the library with service to students, faculty, and staff as the top priority. The director will be responsible for making sure that the library runs smoothly, that the necessary resources are available and properly organized, that users know how to use the resources, that library policies reflect the best interests of the users, and that the physical facility is clean, comfortable and conducive to research and study. The director will work closely with other departments, will attend meetings and workshops required by the management of the institution, work closely as a colleague with faculty members, will serve on committees, prepare reports and statistics as needed and will be expected to attend conferences and seminars to maintain knowledge in a changing medical library environment.

 Administration and Supervision
  • Develop and implement policies and procedures, long range plans, goals and objectives
  • Play a major role in selection of employees
  • Work with 2 shift supervisors in training and evaluation of staff
  • Conduct regular staff meetings
  • Ensure quality customer service
  • Prepare annual budget and adhere to budget during fiscal year
  • Review and approve expenditures
  • Ensure appropriate maintenance of library property and resources

Circulation and Reserve

  • Ensure proper coverage of circulation desk
  • Work with the supervisors to ensure all library employees know how to use the integrated library system
  • Ensure supervisors set schedules for staff in shelving and shelf reading
  • Work with supervisors to ensure appropriate fines and payment methods for lost items are enforced
  • Work with supervisors to ensure implementation of library policies and procedures as stated in the Library Policy and Procedure Manual
  • Back up staff in collection of fines and lost/damaged book payments
  • Help train staff to deal with students properly

Cataloging and Technical Services

  • Ensure proper cataloging following NLM classification system
  • Ensure that staff is properly trained in cataloging using EX-Cat
  • Set time frame for cataloging and preparation of books
  • Ensure proper check-in procedures are used by staff
  • Replace damaged and missing materials

Reference and Instruction

  • Provide professional reference service to students, faculty, and staff
  • Perform literature searches as requested for students and faculty
  • Keep library website and Portal pages up-to-date
  • Give orientation to new students in use of library each semester
  • Instruct new faculty in use of library electronic resources
  • Keep library electronic resources up-to-date
  • Develop good working relationships with vendors and publishers
  • Deal with vendors and publishers individually to solve problems
  • Work with IT to solve problems of access, IP addresses etc.
  • Make sure that all electronic resources are renewed promptly
  • Work with Vital Source and the AUC Registrar to ensure Vital Source has accurate numbersof incoming students and that books are delivered to students prior to the first day of class.

Interlibrary Loan

  • Oversee the interlibrary loan program to ensure that loans are requested promptly and sent to user immediately upon receipt
  • Keep up with changes in the NLM DOCLINE system
  • Develop relationships with libraries overseas that may be able to supply a loan when DOCLINE cannot Advertise and explain the system to faculty and students
  • Work closely with interlibrary loan specialist to assure best service

Other Duties

  • Duties as assigned by administration
  • Attendance at meetings of accrediting bodies
  • Compiling of reports or statistics
  • Special projects
  • Participation at professional meetings, conferences, and retreats
  • Attend monthly DeVry Librarians Meetings whenever possible
  • MSLS from ALA accredited library school required
  • Minimum of 5 years senior administrative experience in an academic medical library, including supervisory
  • Progressive responsibility with record of achievement in medical library management
  • Experience teaching medical students the basics of PubMed and how to perform a literature search.

Relocation assistance and a comprehensive benefits and competitive salary await the right candidate.

Job: Director, Library Services

1/7/14 – Director, Library Services
Ross University, Basseterre, Saint Kitts and Nevis

(The job is starred meaning that Ross representatives will be attending the 2004 ALA mid-winter meeting.)

The Library Director is responsible for operations of a 13 person library in Dominica and provide assistance to the library at Princess Margaret Hospital. The library in Dominica operates with 2 shifts over a 16 hour period each day.  Ross University offers a competitive potentially tax-free annual salary, relocation assistance to and from the island, a retirement program, tuition assistance benefit, scholarship program for dependents, 100% medical benefits paid for the employee, travel benefits, a living allowance, 57 days of leave (includes days for vacation, holidays, professional development and sick/personal days).  We also offer opportunities for professional development, which includes a conference and book allowance.

Sarah P’s comments: The Caribbean is home to several offshore medical schools catering to students who can’t go to medical school in the US due to lower grades or financial issues.  According to the medical student blogs Ross is near the top of the list.