News: State of the Library Market Job Survey

1/21/16 –  State of the Market Job Survey

“204 people who hire librarians have responded to our new State of the Library Job Market Survey.  It’s still open, so if you’ve hired at least one librarian and want to add your voice, please visit:”

Sarah P’s comments:  If you have hired any librarians anywhere in the world in the past year or know of someone who has please forward this post and link as it is helpful information for all to have.

While this is a US-sponsored survey it is open to world-wide participation.  It is also useful to know how the job market is in the US because it means less competition for overseas jobs if the market is improving.  I can add that in my local public library (where I work as a temporary librarian) the hiring librarians are echoing the trend that there are less applicants applying.  To their credit, this library has resisted replacing librarians with para-professionals and part-time positions.  My ‘temp’ position was new to them and their response to patching through until financial times improved.