Job: Secondary Librarian

9/25/15 –  Secondary Librarian
International School of Kenya, Nairobi, Kenya

Sarah P’s comments:  ISK has been known as a good, long-established school in an interesting region however has had some troubles in recent years due to increased unrest in the country as well as a reportedly difficult administration.  Apparently, things are now getting better in both areas however if you are interested in applying I would recommend reading the reviews on International School Reviews first.  FYI: The position is to begin the 2016-17 school year.

The Middle/High School (Secondary) Librarian shares responsibility for the daily operation and supervision of the library and implementation of all prog rams and services necessary to allow students and faculty to maximize use of the facility and its resources, particularly the middle/high school divisions. Performance will be evaluated annually by the High School or Middle School Principal and according to the ISK appraisal system, including the ISK Librarian Growth and Appraisal Rubric. The Middle/High School librarian may teach one section of the Scholarly Research and Writing Course and will support students and teachers in the Extended Essay. Additionally, the librarian will be expected to participate in a variety of collaborative teams and committees; fulfil supervision duties as assigned, including some evening and weekend events (as well as off-campus trips); possibly serve as advisor to a small group of students; and contribute to the co-curricular program.

Volunteer: Community Library

3/4/15 –  Volunteers Needed for a Community Library
Amani Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya

Sarah P’s comments:  This is an interesting organisation with lots of information available about them which is always a good sign.  I was not able to find any specific reviews but checking out the following links gives a good picture of what sort of experience you are likely to have.  There is also an informative article about how to have a good volunteer experience in Africa in which someone from Amani Kibra Centre talks about what they are seeking in volunteers.

About Amani Kibera Resource Centre

Information about a Librarian at the Centre

Amani Kibera Library Youtube Video (2014)


Volunteer Opportunity description:

Amani Kibera is looking for volunteer librarians who will help with the work at its community library.

How to apply:

contact us with your CV (resume) through the email to



Job: Head of Knowledge & Learning

11/14/14 –  Head of Knowledge & Learning
Well Told Story, Nairobi, Kenya

Sarah P’s comments:  This job is a bit outside the norm but sounds like a very interesting opportunity for those who have either training and/or experience with communications in addition to information management.

The Head of Knowledge & Learning

The task fields for the K&L department can be broken down as follows:

  • Generating deep qualitative information and insights, and maintaining profound understanding of the target audiences as part of strategy development, GroundTruth & Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Generating deep quantitative insight and analysis as part of strategy development, Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Co-creating, along with Creative Director, the creative strategies that inform WTS media production.
  • Ensuring the timely and effective sharing of insights, information, ideas and reports with relevant teams within WTS, with partners and the international research field

Job Roles

In-house Research

  • Leads Shujaaz Learning, Monitoring & Evaluation including review and delivery of the LME framework
  • Leads K&L workplans and budgets for Kenya, Tanzania & elsewhere
  • Leads coordination of all K&L projects and activity plans, both in-house and outsourced
  • Leads and manages full- and part-time K&L teams in Kenya, Tanzania & elsewhere
  • Contributes to Well Told Story strategy, programme design and fundraising as part of the Senior Management Team
  • Manages relationships with all research partners and advisors (including international universities and others)
  • Ensures consistent and timely interface between creative and K&L teams
  • Creates on-going learning narratives that document the insights and discoveries emerging from K&L and ensures these are shared with partners and the wider field
  • Maintains relationships with key research partners and advisors (such as MIT, University of Cambridge, University of Texas) and ensures Well Told Story remains at the forefront of media and social-change research
  • Ensures delivery of research commitments to all partners and timely quality reporting

External Research, M&E Service Providers

  • Leads the design, commissioning and oversight of third party research organisations to conduct independent studies such as large scale establishment surveys, impact evaluation surveys etc
  • Oversees commissioned and or partnership-based, technically specialized research designs including studies of digital and SMS communications, Word-Seeding, Positive Deviance, innovative RCT and other approaches

Skills & Experience Required

  • Experience and knowledge of social change research, including participatory monitoring and evaluation of complex social change programmes
  • Understanding of the international development field – current and emerging measurement and learning approaches and frameworks
  • Willingness to reflect and innovate in approaches based on emerging lessons and insights
  • Ability to design and use information systems for programme management and organisational learning
  • Team leadership & mentoring skills
  • Strong analytical, writing and synthesis skills
  • Strong communication, writing and presentation skills

Required Behaviours

  • Solution finding
  • Insightful
  • Pro-active
  • Positive attitude
  • Not afraid to challenge
  • Fair and consistent
  • Spot and exploit opportunities to benefit projects / people / opportunities
  • Setting up people and teams to succeed
  • Take a coaching approach to management and development of senior team members and enabling them to filter the same throughout the rest of the team
  • Inspire trust, confidence and motivation from clients and team
  • Instill the highest standards in Business Development

Interested candidates are invited to send a letter of interest accompanied by their current CV, or any queries, to by November 30th 2014

Job: Supervisory Librarian (Field Director)


9/28/14 –  Supervisory Librarian (Field Director)
US Library of Congress, Nairobi, Kenya

This position is located in the Acquisitions and Bibliographic Access Directorate (ABA), which acquires and provides access to materials of research value for the Library’s collections from all countries of the world, in all languages. Acquired materials are in all media and all formats by which content is conveyed; e.g., print, electronic, visual, recorded sound, microformat. The work of the Directorate supports the universal collections of the Library, upon which all of its programs are based. Stakeholders include Congress, the Federal government, scholars, the general public, and the larger library and information communities. The overseas offices identify, acquire, catalog, preserve, and distribute selected publications of high research value to the Library of Congress and, through the Cooperative Acquisitions Program, to other research libraries. The incumbent serves under the general administrative supervision of the ABA Director but works independently, exercising considerable judgment, and carries out duties and responsibilities in accordance with broad overall guidelines and policies. Work is coordinated with the Department of State in the host country of the office. The position requires a Top Secret Security Clearance, and a Department of State medical clearance to work overseas. The incumbent may be assigned to any of the six offices.

Open Period:  Tuesday, September 23, 2014 to Friday, October 24, 2014

Who May Apply:   Anyone may apply – By law, employment at most U.S. Government agencies, including the Library of Congress, is limited to U.S. citizens. However, non-citizens may be hired, provided that other legal requirements are met and the Library determines there are no qualified U.S. citizens available for the position.


Sarah P’s comments:  I have never seen a position posted in this location on USAJobs and an international Library of Congress position is rare.  If you feel you are qualified I would apply ASAP as there is a lot of paperwork involved.