Webinar: Why Teach Abroad?

8.21.17 –  ISS sponsored Webinar: Why Teach Abroad
August 304-5PM EST (USA)

Sarah P’s comments:  Here we go for the International School Librarian recruiting season. This is the area where the most international positions are listed and thus is the easiest way to break into international work. While it is still a good idea to join an agency and be vetted, the majority of schools are now advertising on TIE and accepting direct applications. However, attending this free ISS webinar will give you an overview of the field.

ISS (International Schools Services) is one of the oldest US schools recruiting agencies but please be aware that they also now run their own schools as well, which are, unfortunately, not always top tier.  So, be sure to join ISR, International Schools Review, and carefully read the reviews of any schools you might be interested in.

For more information about the hiring process for international school librarians please refer to Chapter 3 of my book and/or visit the Resources page.


Let’s talk about a few of our favorite things:
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On August 304-5PM ESTjoin us as we explore 5 fantastic benefits of teaching overseas. The webinar will feature some of our most experienced (and fun!) ISS international educators and finish with a 30-minute Q&A panel.
Check out the event page and register!
New to ISS? Join the community here  and email your candidate number to edustaffing@iss.edu to register for the webiner. Actively recruiting with ISS already? Just register through your candidate dashboard!
See you then!

News: ISS partners with AASSA

Sarah P’s comments: I recently received the e-mail shared below. ISS (International School Services) is touting this announcement as ‘good news’ however what you need to know is that in previous years you could simply register directly with AASSA and attend their fair.  AASSA , Queens University TORF, and the UNI Overseas Recruiting Fair were the only independent recruiting fairs.  All the other recruiting fairs are sponsored by ISS or Search Associates.  (For more information about the hiring process for international school librarians please refer to Chapter 3 of my book and/or visit the Resources page.)


In recent months ISS has been working hard on your behalf to expand the opportunities available to you. Resulting from our efforts is a new partnership we are happy to announce today. This recruiting season ISS will be collaborating with AASSA to enhance your recruiting experience.        ISS Candidates who register for the ISS IRC/Job Fair in Atlanta (Dec. 4-6) are also welcome to register and attend the AASSA Recruiting Fair in Atlanta (Dec. 1-4).

AASSA (Association of American Schools in South America) was founded in 1977 to help increase understanding through international education and improve the quality of teaching and learning in Association schools.

Attending the AASSA fair is optional! You will not have to have a recruiting file with AASSA to be able to attend their fair. The only requirement is that you have an active ISS recruiting file. Your active ISS recruiting file will be shared with AASSA for the duration of their recruiting event should you decide to register and attend.

There will be no additional charge for registering and attending either event. This partnership is for the current recruiting season only, however, ISS may choose to continue it for future recruiting fairs. Please do not contact AASSA as all arrangements will come from us here at ISS. We will keep you informed as more information becomes available with regards to this partnership and the upcoming events in Atlanta.

Hiring Fair: ISS (School Librarians)

1/3/15 – ISS Hiring Fair for School Librarians
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Sarah P’s comments: International School Services (ISS) is one of the large recruiting agencies for international educators including librarians.  They offer a range of hiring fairs as well as online fairs and you must pay a fee to join. ISS recruits for their managed schools as well as other schools.  The general consensus is that the schools they manage, particularly in China, are inferior, however they can be an opportunity for you to break-in to the international circuit.  Please see my book for further information.


If you’re ready for an exciting new position overseas, join ISS at our Atlanta recruitment conference, February 1015, 2016.

Quick Facts: ISS Atlanta Conference

Over 100 schools registered to attend

Over 1,530 open positions in all subject areas
You must be an active candidate with ISS to attend these events. A candidate application takes 2 – 10 days to process, depending on receipt of confidential references, so please plan accordingly. Please know that our job fairs are available to all active candidates – no invitation needed to register!  If you don’t have an active ISS account, email us to get started.

Hiring Fair: ISS

9/10/15 –  International School Services (ISS) is one of the large recruiting agencies for international educators including librarians.  They offer a range of hiring fairs as well as online fairs:

Link to the in-person fair dates

Link to the online fair dates



Job: Secondary Librarian & Resource Coordinator

11/10/14 –  Secondary Library & Resource Coordinator
International College, Madrid, Spain

Spain is looking for an exceptional Secondary Librarian and Learning Resource Coordinator to create inspiring and memorable opportunities for learning to ensure that each pupil at our school is able to succeed and reach their potential. As a qualified librarian, you will have experience of the A Level/AP or IB MYP/DP curriculum and be confident working in partnership with parents. You will assist pupils so that they achieve the best they can be using teaching and research methods that will inspire and challenge. You will be an excellent communicator with colleagues and pupils.

International College Spain was founded in 1980 and is the leading international school in Madrid. We offer primary and secondary education to a genuine international community of more than 56 nationalities. Our school is the only one in Madrid to offer a full international curriculum throughout the whole age range in English by means of the three International Baccalaureate Programmes. Our programme prepares students for study at leading universities worldwide, leadership in communities and high profile positions in the companies globally.

This is an exciting time to be joining Nord Anglia Education. We are the world’s leading premium schools organisation with schools across China, Middle East, South East Asia, Europe and North America. Nord Anglia Education now has 31 schools in 13 countries and is responsible for the education of over 19,700 students. We put educational quality at the heart of what we do and each of our schools grows as a result of our popularity with parents.

In return for your passion to deliver a quality education you will enjoy a competitive salary, accommodation allowance, annual flight allowance, subsidised healthcare and discounted places in the school for your children.

Find out more about us at http://www.icsmadrid.org/

To Apply: Applications should be made online and should contain a letter of application, CV and the full contact details of two professional referees.

Closing Date : December 20th 2014

Sarah P’s comments:  ICS is a well-established school, the largest complaint seems to be that the salary is low however that is a common complaint of any schools in Europe.  So many people want to work there that they get away with paying these low salaries because people can afford to ‘break even’ for a few years while they enjoy the culture and then return home.

The trend is for more and more schools being run by organisations such as Nord Anglia, QSI, or ISS to name a few.  It makes financial sense for the schools and helps teachers to have stability as they can then more easily apply to other schools in the system.  It’s not quite a transfer but things are headed in that direction.  Some of these organisations are, of course, more reputable than others however reviews are still listed by schools rather than company so you will need to review a number of schools to get an accurate picture of the organisation.