News: Book update

10/6/14 – Thanks for the great response to my new book How to Become a Traveling Librarian.  So far there have been 176 downloads and I hope the information will be of use to all in their quest to travel.  Please share ideas and comments on Amazon and/or this blog.  A particular thank you to Laura from Maine for her kind review on Amazon.

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News: Now available – How to Become a Traveling Librarian!

9/24/14 – Finally, my long awaited e-book has been published! Thanks to all for your patience and support.  This book  has been many years in the making and I hope it helps you on your journey…cheers, Sarah P.

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Job: Information and Media Specialist

8/27/14 – Information and Media Specialist
KUSTAR (Khalifa University of Science, Technology, and Research), Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

About Khalifa University:  With campuses in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, Khalifa University is dedicated to the advancement of learning through teaching and research and to the discovery and application of knowledge. It endeavours to be an internationally recognised research university, with a world class reputation for interdisciplinary teaching and research and a tradition of partnering with leading academic institutions from around the world.

About the Role:

The purpose of this position is to:

  • Provide high quality front-line customer service in the library
  • Assist students, faculty and staff with library resources and services
  • Facilitate effective and efficient library processes
  • Provide first level of service to users in library, on phone, on department email;
  • Assist library clientele with their queries and requests; make referrals to librarians as appropriate;
  • Conduct library orientations and tours, teach information literacy basics to students;
  • Manage all circulation functions including loans, overdues, recalls, holds, reserves, record loads, and record blocks;
  • Manage library collections including shelving, shifting, shelf-reading, inventory, deselection
  • Ensure that appropriate public service standards and behaviors are maintained. Advise patrons of library policies
  • Assure that PCs, copying/printing machines and other equipment are operating properly; coordinate with appropriate departments for repair, maintenance and supplies
  • Instruct students in use of equipment as needed, including copiers, projection systems, and PCs.
  • Maintain records and statistics of services, activities and traffic counts.
  • Produce promotional material and assist in setting up library displays, hosting events, maintain Facebook page
  • Process new library material including basic cataloging of Arabic material;
  • Assist in collection development functions including bibliographic checking for selection and verification of citations;
  • Assist with new enterprises as appropriate, e.g. GIS services, thesis processing for repository, etc.
  • Be proactive in seeing what needs to be done and acting on it;
  • Other tasks as assigned.

About The Person:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in relevant field
  • Library certification preferred
  • Some library training and/or experience
  • Must be proficient in MS Office applications;

Sarah P’s comments:  There are currently 3 librarian positions open with this University (see earlier posts as well). There is an abundance of universities in the UAE, some good, some not so good.  KUSTAR does have good reviews to date and I am including a link to an article which mentions them in their discussion of the pros and cons of working in the Middle East.  The article is from 2012 but the information is still accurate and the author shares some insights which you should be aware of if you are considering working in the region.

The Middle East Option  by William Roden, Inside Higher Ed, 2/8/12

Job: Digitial Scholarship Librarian/ Assistant Librarian

7/1/14 – Digital Scholarship Librarian/ Assistant Librarian
University Library System, The Chinese University, Shatin, Hong Kong

The University Library System is seeking a Digital Scholarship Librarian to grow a service to address the emergent demand for digital humanities, GIS and data management support at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.  The Digital Scholarship Librarian will lead the newly created digital scholarship service at the Library, foster successful adoption of digital methodologies and tools in research, teaching and learning. He/She will engage primarily with the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Social Science, students, research centres and other university bodies to advise on, promote, implement innovative and evolving digital scholarship tools and resources. This work is in the context of a rich tradition of humanistic research into China and Chinese culture at the University, and a University Library System with strong bi-lingual collections.

Application forms are obtainable (a) at, or (b) in person/by mail with a stamped, self-addressed envelope from the Personnel Office, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, Hong Kong, or (c) by fax polling at (852) 3943 1461.

Job: Librarian – Life & Bio Sciences Engineering

5/25/14 –  Library Subject: Life & Bio Sciences Engineering
KAUST (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology), Thuwal, Saudi Arabia

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) is a major new graduate university focused on becoming a leader in science and technology research and graduate education. Located near Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the university’s coastline campus on the Red Sea features high-quality residences, extensive recreational facilities and beach, a multicultural environment, and a high quality of life for employees and their families.

Job Summary:
The University Library’s Life & Bio Sciences Subject Specialist supports graduate-level education and research, primarily in the Physical Sciences and Engineering fields of KAUST focus. This position is responsible for library collections and instructional and outreach services to faculty, researchers and students in assigned subject areas.

Sarah P.’s comment:  Be very careful of accepting a contract in Saudi Arabia. I worked in Saudi Arabia and did actually enjoy my time there. However I did my research before I applied. While there are some reputable companies, colleges, and schools please be aware that you are at the mercy of the institution which hires you.  KAUST has very mixed reviews and like many places in Saudi, was started with great promise and has fallen.  If you do apply know that it is a long and tedious process with very little logic as to who is chosen.  Google ‘Kaust’ and ‘reviews’ for more info.



Job: Library Director & Teaching Librarian

2/2/14 – Library Director & Teaching Librarian
College of the Marshall Islands, Majuro Atoll

Library Director:  The Library of the College of the Marshall Islands, a community college located on Majuro atoll in the Marshall Islands, invites applications for a full-time position as Director of Library Services to apply beginning March 2014.   Qualifications: MLS.

Teaching Librarian: The Teaching Librarian works with the library personnel to ensure that essential library education functions are performed for both CMI students and the Community. Qualifications: BA or BS in Education and school or college library experience.

Sarah P’s comments:  The Marshalls are where you should go if you want a funky, out-of-it experience.  They are far from anywhere and you will face challenges such as an unmotivated local population, expensive electricity, and things like the one ATM machine running out of money on weekends.  However, that said, this is the first time I have seen two positions listed for the library so progress must be happening at least at the College.  Note that an MLS is not needed for the teaching position and these positions were previously posted sometime last fall so they must not have been successful in finding acceptable candidates.

Job: HS/MS Librarian

11/21/13  HS/MS Librarian
Embassy School, New Delhi, India

Sarah P’s comments:  This school has the best reputation of all the international schools in India.  New Delhi is both a tough and fascinating place to live.  The request for only ‘US Nationals’ to apply.