News: International Sharing/Writing Opportunity

1/23/16 – International Sharing/Writing Opportunity…

The International Information & Library Review is currently seeking articles and proposals for the journal’s “Global Postcards: Research, Projects, and Experiences from the Field” column.

The overall mission of the International Information & Library Review is the provision of knowledge that will assist in the success of libraries and information-related institutions around the world. Based on a global perspective, the International Information & Library Review publishes current and anecdotal information for library and information professionals and paraprofessionals in public, academic, special, government, and corporate environments.

The “Global Postcards: Research, Projects, and Experiences from the Field” column features news and reports from around the world. Contributions do not need to be lengthy, but should be informative. The strength of the column is its broad, international focus, and contributors are encouraged to explore issues and share news relevant to their geographical region, as well as the larger, global audience.

Topics may include (but are not limited to):

  • Reports from on-the-ground projects
  • Recaps of conferences and meetings around the world
  • Accounts of professional development experiences
  • Summaries of research projects
  • Grants and other funding opportunities

If you are interested in contributing, please contact us with a short description of your proposed topic. Email and

Jacqueline Solis & Robin Kear, Co-editors of “Global Postcards: Research, Projects, and Experiences from the Field” column for International Information & Library Review

News: Writing Opportunity

9/23/15 –  If you are doing anything Steve talks about, consider writing for this journal. It is not paid but it will up your ‘international profile’ and add to your CV.


Dear Colleagues,

As you are beginning new research projects, considering where to submit recently completed work, or editing a recent conference paper, please consider IFLA Journal.  The journal publishes peer reviewed articles on library and information services and the social, political and economic issues that impact access to information.  The journal publishes research, case studies and essays that reflect the broad spectrum of the profession.

All papers are peer reviewed, and we provide prompt feedback within 30 days of submission. IFLA Journal is widely disseminated to IFLA members around the world and available online on the SAGE Journals platform: hosted by HighWire.  Articles are available Open Access with no embargo on author archiving of the accepted version of your work in institutional repositories (RoMEO Green).

Although IFLA Journal no longer publishes IFLA Congress papers directly, the journal editorial committee is pleased to review papers presented at the IFLA Congress and other conferences.  All papers previously presented at a conference must be edited with at least a 30% change in content.  In addition, the paper must have a new title.

How to submit:

SAGE Track:
Visit the IFLA Journal website at

Steve Witt
Editor, IFLA Journal

PS: Follow IFLA Journal on Twitter to stay up to date on relevant research and issues in the field.

News: Call for submissions…

6/18/15 –  Call for international submissions for the Journal of Web Librarianship:


Journal of Web Librarianship Special Issue: International Voices

Do you work in a library outside of the U.S. and Canada? The Journal of Web Librarianship is seeking research articles, case studies, and other types of submissions from librarians around the world. AlthoughJWL has aimed to be an international journal from the beginning, the bulk of JWL submissions come from authors at U.S. and Canadian libraries. For this special issue, therefore, JWL will focus on library web projects and research outside these countries.

Topics for the special issue can include (but are not limited to):

· library web page design and redesigns,
· web project management,
· usability testing of library or library-related sites,
· cataloging or classification of Web information,
· user behavior on the web,
· search behaviors,
· social networking and libraries,
· mobile web librarianship,
· digitization or finding aids for unique collections,
· integrating digital collections into catalogs / discovery.

Submissions for this special issue will still undergo a double-blind peer review. However, to support consistency of organization across the issue and offer support to authors who use English as a second language, submissions will first undergo one or more rounds of “collegial review” to provide early feedback to authors about their manuscripts before submission to the blind peer review process.

In addition to following the regular JWL manuscript preparation guidelines, authors are asked specifically to provide information in the introduction about the role and status of libraries in their country or countries, as well as the state of any relevant technologies in their country relative to their topic. For example, an article about a library’s use of social networking to market services would include an explanation about how social networking technologies are generally used in that country (level of adoption, purposes, challenges, etc.).

Please submit manuscripts for consideration by August 15, 2015 to

Questions about this issue should also be submitted to