Exchange: Request for Assistance…

7.16.17 –
Dear Readers:  In addition to posting open positions, I try to assist, when possible, with any request I receive for help with information.  However, I am one librarian doing this on a strictly volunteer basis, so am sharing a letter (with permission) which I recently received from a librarian in Brazil.  He has a lot to share and would like to exchange/work abroad, preferably the USA.  I have already shared the IRRT Resources page as well as the LIBEX site. If anyone knows of any other jobs, exchanges, resources which might also be helpful to him in his quest, then please comment on this blog and/or contact either him or me directly.  Thank you, Sarah P.

Dear Mrs. Gibson,
My name is Almir Mendes, a Brazilian librarian who lives in Recife, Northeast of Brazil.
I have 20 years of experience in public, school and specialized libraries. I also have extensive experience in archives.
My conversation is not so fluent in English, although I read very well in English. I also read well and speak a little bit in Spanish, French, Italian, Russian and Hebrew (I speak a little better). For this reason, I am interested in spending a season in one or more libraries in the USA, to improve my speech. I am not looking for a salary, just a place to stay during this time with my wife. Some help for food and transportation would be welcome.
I think my work could be very useful in several libraries and I would like to offer and get work experiences. I have a lot of experience with computers as well as basic programming in Java, PHP, HTML, CSS and assembly, analysis and organization of databases using SQL and Microsoft Access among other programs.
I’m experienced in creating community libraries. As my wife is from the Sertão de Pernambuco, a very poor region, which suffers greatly from droughts, I intend to move there when I return and open small community libraries in the region.
Currently, I work as a librarian in a company that works in the area of archival custody and digitalization of documents.
I know you are not an employment agency or an internship, but I come to ask for your help, taking into account your experience and knowledge of the world.
I appreciate your attention and I look forward to your contact.

Webinar: Cuba Library Exchange Program

5.1.17 –
The ACRL International Perspectives Discussion Group will be hosting another webinar before the ALA Annual. Here’s the program and info:
Title: The ALA Cuba Library Exchange Program
Date/Time: 5/15, Monday, 9 am PST / 12 pm EST

Summary: Interested in hearing about Cuba and its library services? Join us for this presentation to hear from a few librarians who went to Cuba recently to participate in ALA’s Exchange program and visited national, public and school libraries and Cuba’s International Book Fair in February 2017! If you are planning to go to Cuba in the future, you may find this webinar to be helpful! Webinar will also be recorded.

Speakers: Nancy Coradin, Coordinator, Multi-language Collections and Services
Westchester Library System; Diana Lennon, Librarian II, Spanish Speaking, Greenburgh Public Library

News: The Global View 2014 is now available

9/24/14 – The Global View, a special edition of American Libraries is now available to read online.

Sarah P’s comments:  It is great to see libraries and librarians embracing this broadening of viewpoint and service. Not that librarians haven’t always had an outward focus, just that now it seems to finally becoming visible and appreciated. Of particular interest for those who want to travel is the article International Travel Learning Opportunities (p.9). The name is a bit of a misnomer, it’s really an article about one ALA exchange opportunity, however it is still an interesting read.

The World Is Yours with American Libraries

Explore ALA’s worldwide impact in A Global View, the 2014 international digital edition of American Libraries. This special issue presents initiatives, advocacy, issues, and services that affect libraries and ALA members all over the world.

Inside this issue, you’ll find:

  • A report from the IFLA World Library and Information Congress in Lyon, France
  • An update on RDA, the unified cataloging standard designed for the digital world
  • A look at the first Sharjah International Book Fair/ALA Library Conference in the United Arab Emirates
  • A survey of ALA’s web-based training sessions
  • A feature on the global reach of ALA presidents
  • A guide to ALA publications and resources available for translation or reprint