Webinar: Global Librarianship Services

11.28.16 – Global Librarianship Services Webinar

Date: 12/5, Monday at 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm EST // 11:00-12 pm PST


  • Dan Perkins (Global Services Librarian at NYU)
  • Lindsay Wharton (Extended Campus and Distance Services Librarian at FSU)
  • Hong Cheng (Global Services Librarian at University of Cincinnati)


As the opportunities and challenges raised by globalization become more a part of people’s everyday lives, colleges and universities are committed to providing their students with academic opportunities on a global scale. This has led academic libraries to focus their efforts on meeting the needs of their students and faculty at global campuses and study abroad sites. Also under the same trend, the number of global services/education librarians is on the rise with unique responsibilities and experiences. In this panel, we’ll be discussing:

  • the similarities and differences between the global library services programs at our respective sites;
  • the opportunities and challenges we’ve faced, including how to work with partners in headquarters as well as overseas;
  • discuss how global library services may be evolving in the future.
  • Experiences we have had
  • Future trends in global librarianship

Audience participation in this discussion is welcome and strongly encouraged.
45 minutes for presentation, 30 minutes for discussion.

News: International Librarianship Novel

10/15/15 – A Maze of Moments  by Sarah P. Gibson

Dear Readers,

This blog is now two years old and continues to grow each month – thank you for reading and I hope it is helpful.  As you all know this blog is devoted to promoting International Librarianship and I generally keep my posts focused on job and industry news.  However, fourteen years of international living in nine different countries, including being evacuated from Libya, cannot help but leave me with feeling I want to share some of my experiences.  The question was how?

Well, it has turned out to be a novel which I have just completed and created a separate blog for. I am sharing this link here because the story is about an American teen named Ethel who travels with her father (a librarian) around the world.  Although it is fiction, much of this story is based on true experience which I hope helps make it authentic.

My other reason for writing it is that I have not found many stories which deal with the world of expat living, Global Nomads or TCK’s and, as with this blog,  I hope the story will help others to try this lifestyle. It is both my belief and experience that the kindness of strangers does still prevail in this troubled world.

If anyone would care to read and comment good or bad (but please use constructive criticism) I would appreciate it as it help to make a better story…

A Maze of Moments

by Sarah P. Gibson

Program: IFLA Webinars

4/16/15 –  New Librarians Global Connection: Best Practices, Models and Recommendations

IFLA webinar logo


“New Librarians Global Connection: Best Practices, Models and Recommendations“ is a series of free quarterly webinars on issues of interest to new librarians. The free webinars are presented by IFLA Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning and IFLA New Professionals Special Interest Group in partnership with the American Library Association. Follow the conversation at #newlibgc.

To see what’s coming up in our webinar series visit their Upcoming Webinars page.

For previous webinars visit their Past Webinars page.

Job: Associate Professor of Library Services

11/23/14 –  Associate Professor of Library Services
Palau Community College, Koror, Palau

Sarah P’s comments:  Palau is arguably one of the nicest places in the South Pacific.  The pay is low but that is true for the whole region.  This is an interesting position because it is an ‘opportunity for a librarian with experience in instruction to share expertise in library services and to serve as a leader in Palau’s library community‘.  Earlier this year the college advertised for a Director of Library Services (first 5/2 and then re-posted 9/22) however this appears to be a different position.  For anyone interested in gaining some Library Science teaching experience without needing a PHd, it could be a good opportunity.

Salary: $18,009 TO $27,725 Per Annum (depending on qualifications and work experience). Benefits include health and life insurance, 10/2 annual work schedule (10 months on and 2 months paid leave), and paid relocation expenses. Housing provided.

Summary of Description: Palau Community College seeks an experienced librarian to teach the college’s Library & Information Services Associates Degree Program. PCC is located in the Republic of Palau in the Western Pacific region and is an accredited post-secondary vocational and academic institution serving all of Micronesia. This position is a unique opportunity for a librarian with experience in instruction to share expertise in library services and to serve as a leader in Palau’s library community.

Examples of Duties consist, but are not limited to: Responsible for teaching courses in accordance with the approved course outlines and developing curriculum for his/her respective division; maintain accurate attendance and counseling and advising students as needed. Participate in College committees and engage in College functions and activities. Serve as a leader and role model to the local library community through the Palau Association of Libraries and librarian training activities. Perform other duties as directed by the College.

Minimum Experience and Qualifications: Master’s or Bachelor degree in Library and Information Science or equivalent with 5+ years experience preferred in an academic or library with progressive levels of responsibility. Teaching and instruction experience is highly preferred. Knowledge of Pacific culture and familiar with Pacific information resources is a plus.

General information: Application forms may be obtained from the Human Resources Office or at the college website: http://pcc.palau.edu/about/jobs/. Send completed application, resume and transcripts to: hr@palau.edu and libsci.pcc@gmail.com

(Copies of transcripts will be sufficient during review process, but official transcripts and a recent police clearance will be required
prior to any issued or offered contract).

For further information, call 680-488-2470 x 227, or visit the HRD office on campus or email hr@palau.edu .

News: IRRT blog

11/14/14 – ALA IRRT Blog

FYI:  I wanted to mention that ALA’s IRRT (International Relations Round Table) maintains a blog which you can follow to find recent news and information.

Program: Mortenson Summer Associates Program for non-US Librarians

11/5/14 –  2015 Mortenson Summer Associates Program

Sarah P’s comments:  The well-regarded Mortenson Program is associated with the University of Illinois Graduate School of Library and Information Science, one of the top programs in the US.  Their mission is to strengthen international ties among libraries and librarians worldwide for the promotion of international education, understanding, and peace and offer an annual professional development program for librarians from outside of the United States. If you are seeking a way to improve your career and meet other global librarians, you should consider applying to attend.  Cost will be your most significant factor and thus you might need to research local resources for scholarships or, if you are employed, make a case for how attending the program will help your library.  Here also is a list of possible financial aid resources which the Center recommends.  Another option to consider: the Mortenson Center is seeking a Visiting Instructional Technology Specialist for which they will consider applications from all qualified candidates irregardless of nationality.  See my blog post for a full description.

2015 Summer Associates Program:  May 28 – June 23, 2015

The Mortenson Center Associates Program continues in summer 2015 with a new theme, “Innovative, Engaged, and Responsive Libraries: A Professional Development Program for Library Leaders.” The program will offer library and information science professionals from outside the United States an opportunity to explore current issues and trends in the field and to engage with librarians on the cutting-edge.

Applications for the 2015 Associates Program are due on December 1, 2014.

Program Highlights

  • Seminars and workshops which provide an overview of current trends in the field. Library experts will be invited to share their perspectives, offer expertise, and foster conversations on the themes of communication and leadership.
  • Tours to a variety of libraries, including academic, public, and school libraries. We may also visit the American Library association headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, and other sites of interest.
  • Small group projects will allow Mortenson Associates to engage in program content and explore topics with greater depth.
  • Networking with dynamic group of international colleagues.
  • Each participant will receive a Certificate of Program Participation upon completion.
  • Scheduling to allow participants to attend the American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference, if they wish. (Arrangements and registration for the conference must be made separately and are not included in program costs.) This year’s ALA Annual Conference will be June 25 – 30, 2015 in San Francisco, California.

The application form must be completed in English, and should be typewritten, if possible. If handwritten, it should be printed legibly. If additional pages are used, please write the question number and your name at the top of each additional page.

In addition to a completed application form, please submit the following:

  1. Curriculum Vitae

Please provide an up-to-date curriculum vitae in English which details your professional activities (i.e. professional and work experience, activities (affiliations, memberships, and conference participation), awards, honors, and publications).

  1. Letter of Recommendation

The Letter of Recommendation must be submitted in English. It should be written by a supervisor who is familiar with you and your work, and can evaluate your ability to participate in the Mortenson Center Associates Program. Family members are not eligible to write a Letter of Recommendation. The Letter must have an original signature.

  1. Copy of Passport Identification Pages

Please send a copy or scan of your passport identification pages in PDF format.

Additional Application Information

  • All materials must be submitted in English.
  • The Mortenson Center reserves the right to verify all information given in the application.
  • Participants must be prepared to work as team members with other Mortenson Center program participants and to participate as required by the program.
  • Associates will not be permitted to join the program late or depart early.

Send complete applications to:

Mortenson Center for International Library Programs
University of Illinois Library at Urbana-Champaign
142 Undergraduate Library, MC-522
1402 W. Gregory Drive
Urbana, Illinois 61801 USA
Telephone: (217) 333-0031
Fax: (217) 265-0990
Email: mortenson@illinois.edu

For an application, cost estimate, or more information about the 2015 program, please visit the Mortenson Center website: http://www.library.illinois.edu/mortenson/associates/

For comments about past programs, please visit:  http://www.library.illinois.edu/mortenson/activities/OldPrograms.html

Conference: ALA IRRT Proposals for 2015 Int’l Papers and Projects Program

10/28/14 –  ALA IRRT Proposals for 2015 Int’l Papers and Projects Program

The American Library Association, International Papers and Projects Committee invites proposals for presentations to be made at the next ALA Annual Conference in San Francisco, California, USA.  Presentations will be delivered at the International Papers Session scheduled for June 27, 2015.

The International Papers and Projects Program provides librarians with an opportunity to exchange information about library services, collections and projects throughout the world.  The program also serves to stimulate the interest of U.S. librarians in international library matters. Through its International Papers Committee, ALA’s International Relations Round Table (IRRT) invites librarians to submit a presentation proposal.  The 2015 International Papers and Projects Program theme is:

Learning from One Another: Mentoring Across and Within Borders

Mentoring is an effective way of assisting people to progress in their careers through a partnership between two people, an experienced mentor and a less experienced mentee.  Formal mentoring programs exist in librarianship as in other professions and may be found within libraries, library associations, or other professional settings.

This program will feature presentations on mentoring projects and programs from around the world. Presenters are encouraged to consider the theme from diverse angles. Possible topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Mentoring programs that are international in scope
  • Analysis of successes and obstacles of intra-national mentoring
  • Mentoring as part of sister library partnerships
  • Comparison of mentoring programs in different countries
  • How mentoring across borders has strengthened international connections

Proposals will be selected based on their originality, clarity, and adherence to the theme.  Proposals should be evaluative and not merely descriptive.  Descriptions of mentoring programs that have not been implemented will not be considered.

Proposals, presentations, and papers must be written and delivered in English, which is the working language of the program.
Proposals should include:
1.    Title of the presentation
2.    Name, title, institutional affiliation, and full contact information (including a valid e-mail address) for each  presenter
3.    Abstract (300-500 words)
4.    A short biographical profile of each presenter

Proposals should be submitted electronically (as a single Microsoft Word or PDF attachment) to International Relations Office via email to intl@ala.org with a copy to richard.sapon-white@oregonstate.edu and buenaventura.basco@ucf.edu

Deadline for submitting proposals is December 19, 2014.

Three official and three (3) alternate proposals will be selected. Alternate proposals will be ranked and considered in place of official ones in case substitutions are necessary. All presenters will be notified of the selection results by February 6, 2015.

The International Papers and Projects Program is 1.5 hours total.  Presentations should run about 20 minutes each, followed by a Q & A session.  Presenters are encouraged to prepare a dynamic and interactive presentation, incorporating visual prompts, technologies, games, questions for the audience, etc. PowerPoints are common, but speakers who want to read a paper or refer to it are welcome to do so.  Optionally, presenters may submit a formal paper (5,000-10,000 words), to be published on the International Papers Committee website.

We would like to invite you to view previous presentations listed on IRRT’s International Papers and Projects Session Committee site. www.ala.org/irrt

Program: 2014 Global Education Conference with Librarian Strand

10/23/14  –  GlobalEdCon 2014 – Call for Proposals Open Until November 1st

The fifth annual Global Education Conference is just a few weeks away, and we want to be sure that you have an opportunity to contribute to this year’s conference as a presenter. Everyone is encouraged to submit a presentation proposal, including first-time presenters. All submissions must relate directly to the Global Education Conference mission of increasing opportunities for collaboration, developing active global citizens, and ensuring educational opportunities for all. Please see the Call for Proposals and get your submission in soon! This year we have a special Global Teacher-Librarians strand — so be sure to include your friends from #TLChat and #Lib2014 in this great opportunity to connect globally. Share this opportunity with your colleagues! Additionally, we are hoping to have a great set of student presentations this year. Have your students participated in a global project recently? Do you co-learn with a classroom across the globe? Be sure to check out the Student Strand and consider encouraging your students to submit a presentation proposal.