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Book Cover ThumbnailThe following resources are linked to my e-book How to Become a Traveling Librarian.  Combined with the resources listed on the International Librarianship section of my website, they are a compilation of all I have learned in my 20+ years of following the ever-expanding field of international librarianship.

FYI: the book is currently only available as an e-book in Amazon.  If you do not own a Kindle, you can download a free Kindle Reading App and read it on your computer or you can download Calibre, a free program which will convert the mobi file to an epub file and allow you to read it on the iPad or Nook.

Chapter   1:  Why Go?
Chapter   2:  What’s Out There
Chapter   3:  Opportunities for School Librarians
Chapter   4:  Academic Opportunities
Chapter   5:  Public Library Opportunities
Chapter   6:  US Government Library Opportunities
Chapter   7:  Special Library & NGO Opportunities
Chapter   8:  Librarian Exchanges
Chapter   9:  Internship & Volunteer Opportunities
Chapter 10:  Other Opportunities
Chapter 11:  Opportunities by Region
Chapter 12:  A Librarian’s Packing List

Chapter 1: Why Go?

Build an International Employment Profile
Cross-Cultural Skills: Essential for Expatriate Success
How to Write an Effective International Resume
International Business Careers & Jobs: Helping you Start your Successful Global Career
Traits of Effective Workers Overseas
The Expat Librarian: Skills that Travel

Chapter 2: What’s Out There

International Librarianship: Getting There from Here  (article by Robin Kear)
International Library Jobs  (webpage of articles and information from Florida State University
What is International Librarianship?  (article by Peter Johan Or)

Chapter 3: Opportunities for School Librarians

New Data on International Schools Suggests Continued Strong Growth
The Booming International Schools Sector
International Schools: Growth and Influence  (an in-depth look at the history and development of international schools)
Top 10 Lessons Learned the First Year Overseas

Professional Organizations
State Certification Requirements for SMS
Teacher Certification by State
ALA Education & Licensing Page
Teaching in the UK: Qualified Teacher Status
International Schools Review  (ISR)
Recruiting Agencies & Associations:

International School Services  (ISS)
Search Associates
University of Northern Iowa Overseas Placement
Association of American Schools in South America  (AASSA)
Teach Away, Inc.
Queens University Teachers’ Overseas Recruiting Fair
Council of International Schools  (CIS)
Carney, Sandoe & Associates

Job Sites:

The International School Educator  (TIE)
Association of Christian Schools International  (ACSI)
School Spring
Teaching Nomad
TES Connect
The Guardian/Jobs
Seek Teachers
Teacher Horizons  (look under ‘Other’ to find librarian positions)

US Virgin Islands Dept. of Education

US Department of Defense Schools  (DoDEA)

International Schools Review: Recruiting Oriented Articles including:

The Art of Emailing School Directors
What Directors Look for in an International Teaching Candidate
Ask the Right Questions at Your Interview
20 Questions Candidates May Want to Ask
Getting the Most from a Recruiting Fair

Questions for Teachers Entering a 1:1 School
How to Prepare for a Skype Job Interview
How to Look Good in Skype Interviews

Travel with a Pet  (USDA)
Moving Overseas with Pets

Chapter 4: Academic Opportunities

The Chronicle of Higher Education Global Page

Global Higher Education’s International branch Campuses List
List of American Colleges and Universities Abroad
Association of American International Colleges and Universities  (AAICU)
A Guide to Branch Campuses  (US)
Caribbean Medical Schools

International Branch Campuses Producing Opportunities, Headaches  (article)
Colleges Go Abroad with Branch Campuses  (article)
Should Top U.S. Colleges Expand Overseas?  (article)
How Loyal are Branch Campuses to Their Host Countries?  (article)
Anatomy of a Failed Campus (article about NYU Singapore)

Job Sites
INALJ International  (I Need a Library Job Now)
Review Sites

Expatistan Cost of Living Index

Chapter 5: Public Library Opportunities

King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture

ALA’s Sister Libraries Initiative – Public Libraries
National Libraries of the World
Public Libraries – Global Agents for Change

Chapter 6: US Government Library Opportunities

US Department of Defense Schools  (DoDEA)

LIS Careers: Working Overseas as a Librarian…

Federal Jobs Network/Overseas
How to Land a Top-Paying Federal Job
Presidential Management Fellows Program  (PMF)

LibGig: Military Librarianship
US Army Libraries
SLA: Military Libraries Division
Libraries Remain Centerpieces of Morale, Welfare Programs  (article)

Information Resource Officer Job Description
Foreign Service Forum: IRO
Heather Ward’s Blog  (includes info about her journey to become an IRO)
How to Run an American Corner
This American Corner  (article)
Inside a US Embassy: How Diplomacy Works  (book)
Realities of Foreign Service Life  (books: Vol. 1 (2002) & Vol. 2 (2008)

Chapter 7: Special Library & NGO Opportunities

Special Libraries Association (SLA) Jobs

Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar
Sidra Medical and Research Center
Caribbean Medical Schools
Krafty Librarian: Things of Interest to a Medical Librarian
Medical Library Association/Jobs (MLA)
MLA’s Librarians without Borders
Pan American Health Organization Careers (PAHO)
World Health Organization (WHO) Libraries
WHO Employment
Center for Disease Control Jobs Overseas (CDC)

Archives Gig
International Archives
International Archives, Records and Information Management
Society of American Archivists JobSeeker Page (SAA)
Museum Jobs
Global Museum
Archivists without Borders
International Council on Archives

Law Librarians Abroad (book)
International Association of Law Libraries
American Association of Law Libraries Career Center
International Law Careers (PittLaw)
Experience the World as a FCIL Librarian (Foreign, Comparative & International Librarian)

Room to Read

United Nations Careers
United Nations Libraries
UN Competitive Exam
Marcus’ World: UN Librarian Exam (Blog entry)

Chapter 8: Librarian Exchanges

ALA- IRRT (International Relations Round Table)
ALA- IRRT International Connections/Exchanges Committee
ALA- IRRT International Job Exchange Bibliography

Swiss-US Librarian Exchange
Marcia Tuttle International Grant

Fulbright Scholar Specialist Program
Fulbright Specialist Program: Library Science
Fulbright Specialist Program: Saudi Arabia
Recent Librarian Fulbright Appointment  (article)

International Librarians Network
Library 2.0

Chapter 9: Internship & Volunteer Opportunities

Search Associates Intern Program  (scroll down to bottom of page)
USAJobs Internships
US Department of State Internships
How to Land a Top-Paying Federal Job

BUNAC  &  (article about MLIS student internship with BUNAC)
Center for Interim Programs
Doctors without Borders (office internships)
Global Choices
My World Abroad
Room to Read

Abroad Reviews
Transitions Abroad: Volunteer Abroad

Peace Corps
Library Development in Liberia  (Peace Corps Program)
Library Development in Lesotho  (Peace Corps Program)
Peace Corps Library Development Training Package (PDF)
Peace Corps Overseas Positions
Peace Corps Response

United Nations Volunteers
Volunteer Opportunities  (from my webpage:

Caiman House/Rupupuni Learners
Global Volunteers  (Cook Islands Library Project)
Hester J. Hodgdon Libraries for All
People to People Citizen Ambassadors
Riecken Community Libraries
Roatan Volunteers
Rwanda Library Services
Southern Africa Wildlife College Resource Centre

Chapter 10: Other Opportunities

Semester at Sea
Dream Job: Semester at Sea Librarian  (article)
Around the World in 100 Days  (article)

Just Cruis’n Recruitment: Librarian
Cruise Ship Jobs: Librarian
The Skinny on Cruise Ship Librarianship  (article)
Work on A Cruise Ship (Librarian interview)

Multinational Force & Observers  (MFO)
MFO South Camp  (description)

Charles Darwin Foundation
CDF Librarian position and update about library (blog)
Galapagos Librarian  (blog)

OM Ships International
Logos Hope: The World’s Largest Floating Library (YouTube video)

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