Job: K-12 Librarian

4.4.17 –  K-12 Librarian
American Academy for Girls, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Sarah P’s comments:  As you can see, I was asked to post this position.  I am usually very willing to do this when someone personally writes because it usually indicates that the institution is sincerely looking to fill the position with a qualified candidate. This job could be a potential position for someone looking to gain both international and school library experience as Shannon says they are willing to take someone without school certification (something you could be working on while in the position). It is also a rare advantage (in my opinion) to have a HS Principal who has an MLS. As always, please read the reviews carefully and think about whether the school and the location would be a good fit. I worked in the Middle East for many years (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE & Oman) and enjoyed it however the experience is not for everyone.

Dear Sarah,
I am a fan of your blog, and ask if you would be so kind as to post our current opening for a librarian.  This is a great opportunity for someone who may just be starting out and needs to work and save their income to perhaps pay off student loan debt and gain international librarian school experience.  It isn’t necessary that she be a certified school library media specialist, a Bachelors in Library & Information Science will do.  Our school is relatively small, all girls and has an easy going atmosphere.  Thank you, I appreciate it.  Shannon Rooney, MLS (Kent State University, 2005)
  • American Academy for Girls – Salwa, Kuwait
  • Located in a residential suburb of Kuwait
  • Female Librarians may only apply: an all girls private academy K-12
  • Bachelors in Library and Information Science; 1+ years of library work experience preferred.
  • Fluent in English a must
  • Follett Destiny Software experience
  • School hours: 7:00 am – 3:00 pm
  • The School Librarian is an administrative school position who works with and oversees an Library Assistant.
  • Conducts library instructional classes for ECE and Elementary small number of students (30 minutes in duration) 4/5 classes a day.
  • Overseas the checking in/out of all school library materials and school textbooks.
  • Updates student library records in order to distribute library card privileges.
  • Creates an environment that is targeted towards active and participatory learning, resource-based instructional practises, and collaboration with teaching staff to meet the school’s overall goals.
  • Actively participates in developing and updating policies regarding material selection, circulation, reconsideration of materials, administering MOE censorship guidelines.
  • Encourages the use of modern technology to commit students to improve learning and resource research online retrieval.
  • Ensure safeguarding inventory practises including collection weeding and material repairs and replacements if necessary.
  • Participates in professional development and training.

Generous holiday and summer vacation time.   2 year contract.  Competitive overseas package:  single furnished housing provided, utilities paid/ transportation to and from school provided / tax-free salary/ medical/dental insurance/ annual round-tip airline ticket / relocation /extra baggage allowance / Visa and documentation assistance and fees paid for by the school / end of year bonus.

If interested in the position, please send you CV to:

Eszter Hunyadkurti, ECE Principal

Shannon Rooney, HS Principal


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