Job: K-12 Librarian

2.21.17 – K-12 Librarian
The American School of Asuncion, Paraguay

Sarah P’s comments:  I’m back from my week off and the good news is that there is a list of jobs to share. So, I will be posting quite a bit in the next two days. I am going to start with this school opp because there is a stated application deadline of 2/28/17 (posted 2/17).  This school is well-established but, as always, I encourage you to read the reviews on International School Reviews before deciding whether to apply. I am a fan of South America and loved my time there however there are challenges such as the cost of living and teaching wealthy students. For more information, visit the school link (above) where they have a Working at ASA FAQ PDF as well as a Living in Paraguay guide.



The American School of Asuncion offers an early childhood through college-preparatory program to a multi-national student population of more than 703 students representing over 24 different nationalities. Class sizes range from 18–20 students and we have instructional assistants to assist each teacher in the elementary classrooms. With the exception of language and Paraguayan studies classes, all classes are taught in English. The school has an established, standards-based curriculum accessible on the web and provides a wide range of co-curricular activities. ASA is fully accredited by AdvancED as well as the Paraguayan Ministry of Education. The ASA faculty consists of certified teachers from North American and Paraguay, and many of the faculty possess advanced degrees. The school also offers on-site Master’s Degree courses from a U.S.-accredited university to help enhance the continued professional development of teachers.

Located in a pleasant suburban area within the capital city, our spacious and well-maintained 12 acre campus has an open design with separate air-conditioned buildings to support the early childhood, elementary, middle school, high school, and specialist programs. Educational facilities include a library, computer labs, multipurpose room, indoor gymnasium, cafeteria, track, outdoor and indoor basketball courts, an elementary covered basketball court and play area, two playgrounds, and soccer fields. We invite you to visit our website at to discover the many personal and professional benefits of working at ASA.

Age Restrictions: No

Salary: $34.632 – $39.832


  1. Settling-in allowance 2
  2. Monthly housing allowance
  3. Shipping allowance at beginning and end of contract
  4. Round-trip ticket for initial contract and then each year after renewal
  5. Clements worldwide health insurance (80-20 policy)
  6.  Stipend for advanced degree(s)
  7.  Salary step increase
  8. Contract renewal bonus ($3,000)
  9. Schools covers all costs for work visa and transition paperwork
  10. Assistance with Master’s Degree program


  1. Bachelor’s Degree
  2. Minimum of 2 years of experience

Age Restrictions:  No

Additional materials:

  1. Letter of Interest
  2. Current Resumé
  3. Reference Contact Information

Interviews: skype


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