4 thoughts on “News: Sarah P. Traveling…

  1. Hi Sarah,
    My 86 year old mother passed a little over a year ago and I have a 20 year old son. I was a teacher who went back to get her MLIS at McGill and have been working circulation at a public library for 7 years and in school libraries for 4 years. I used to teach abroad in Germany, Ecuador and Indonesia. I would like to return to go abroad again. I am 56, do you think there are jobs out there for me as a teacher-librarian at this stage of life? I am Canadian, in Montreal. I am working full-time this year till the end of the school year and at a summer camp in the month of July. Could I still get an international school librarian job for the 2017-2018 school year? What are your thoughts, where should I look, what should I do, can you guide me a bit?


    • Dear Katharina,

      With your qualifications, I believe you will be able to locate a position. You did not mention your curricula experience however, as I am sure you are aware, if you have IB knowledge, it will be helpful. It is a little past peak season but there are still jobs available. The top two sites are The International Educator (TIE) which is an online newspaper you must pay to subscribe to. It is well worth the money because almost everyone advertises positions there. They also have a place where you can upload your CV/resume. The other job site is TESJobs which lists positions for UK schools as well as international schools (look under non-teaching & support jobs on the homepage.) Just today I posted an interim position in Singapore which might be a good fit for you. If you would like more detail, please visit my Book Resources page of the blog and/or read my book. You are also welcome to write again with more specific questions. Best of luck, Sarah P.


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