Internship: International Librarian

11.14.16 –  International Librarian Internship
Relief International, Jordan (US NGO)

Sarah P’s comments: This is a unique position for anyone with school library experience and seeking to gain international experience and/or experience with an NGO, which can lead to further career possibilities. Note: they do not list a timeline and they are requesting fluency in English and Arabic. (I am not sure they will get this- I would apply anyway and work on learning Arabic.)
Glassdoor Reviews for Relief International

ABOUT RI: Established in 1990, Relief International (RI) is a leading global humanitarian organization that transforms adversity into renewal for the world’s most vulnerable populations. Innovatively, RI bridges the gap between immediate relief and long-term community development.

Position Summary 

Under the supervision of the Education Program Manager, and in close collaboration with RI team, the intern will assist in the establishment and running of four libraries located in four educational centers in Zaatari and Azraq refugee camps. With limited resources, in a challenging environment, intern will work toward making libraries safe learner-friendly spaces, which stimulate learning processes, socialization and at the same time operate as a resource center for a wider community.

Position Responsibilities and Duties 

  • Assist in designing and equipping interior space in a functional and creative way
  • Draft library curriculum that will include educational and recreational activities and develop reading habits among children, adolescents and youth
  • Incorporate information literacy instruction in library services
  • Develop professional capacities of several Syrian volunteers who will work as librarians during and after the internship period
  • Create context specific classification system and lead on the development of networked library catalogue
  • Develop collections of both printed and digital educational material
  • Establish relationship with other libraries in Jordan and seek ways for potential collaboration
  • Establish relationship with other education providers inside the camps and explore possibility for the development of central catalogue and ILL services within/between camps
  • Perform other duties as needed.

Qualifications and requirements: 

Minimum requirements:

  • Master’s degree in Library and Information Science.
  • Experience and passion to work with children, adolescents and youth.
  • Strong organizational skills and written and oral communication skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively, effectively and professionally.
  • Experience in library instruction and library work.
  • Mature judgment, strong sense of integrity, initiative, and self-starter
  • English and Arabic fluency is required.
  • Information and computer literacy (MS Office package).


  • Degree in pedagogy or teaching qualification in addition to LIS qualification
  • Previous work experience in conflict, post-conflict environments, ideally in the Middle East with refugees.
  • Experience working in a school library.
  • Understanding of open access issues and Open Educational Resources.
  • Ability to use a variety of technological applications for library and classroom use.

RI Values: 

We uphold the Humanitarian Principles: humanity, neutrality, impartiality and operational independence.

We value:

  • Inclusiveness
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Agility and innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Sustainability
To apply click on this link:


Job: School Librarian (2)

11.10.16 – Primary School Librarian and Secondary School Librarian
Keystone Academy, Beijing, China

Sarah P’s comments:  The deadline to apply is November 13, 2016 and please note that interviews will take place in London and in Asia which I believe means they might be attending recruiting fairs.  However, if you have the experience but cannot attend an interview in person, I would still apply and offer a Skype interview.  Please, as always, read International School Reviews (which you must pay to join but is well worth the money) before deciding to apply.


Keystone Academy, a bilingual school in Beijing, China, seeks a fluent English speaking Librarian for its Primary School and Librarian for its Secondary School, starting in the 2017-2018 school year. Three years prior teaching experience, certification in teaching and/or librarianship, and a desire to work in a highly collaborative environment are required. Experience teaching in a bilingual immersion program, English language acquisition (EAL) training, and familiarity with the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) are advantages.

About Us

Keystone Academy opened in the Shunyi District of Beijing in the autumn of 2014, and is now a unique and exciting school option for families across China and around the world. We currently offer the full range of grades from foundation year through to grade 11, and we will graduate our first class in June 2018. The secondary school is a day and residential program, with optional boarding in grades 7 and 8, and required boarding in grades 9-12. In a few years, approximately three quarters of the school’s students will be Chinese, and one quarter international. This is a group dynamic that will foster in its Chinese students deep cultural pride while at the same time encourage them to be more world-minded. International students will also expand their awareness by being immersed in the language, culture and customs of China.

Keystone Academy brings together the best of three great traditions of teaching and learning. The longest historically is the Chinese, renowned for its rigorous intellectual discipline, respect for the nature of learning and concern with the development of character. Chinese traditions are fused with the American discussion-centered, inquiry-based pedagogy and the best of the international education movement of the past 60 years with its focus on critical and creative thinking and cultural fluency.

Keystone Academy is a non-profit, philanthropic venture with a board of trustees. The Head of School and School Leadership Team are responsible for daily operations and major educational decisions for the school.

Teaching at Keystone

New members of the teaching staff at Keystone Academy will discover an extraordinary opportunity to join others in shaping a new educational paradigm. Our keystones of Chinese and English language immersion, American-style boarding, and Chinese Thread, support and are supported by the major structures of our written curriculum:  the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme, and the IB Diploma Programme. The atmosphere here is serious and playful, highly purposeful and fun at the same time.

Classrooms, offices and learning environments at Keystone are designed with students and teachers in mind.  High ceilings, large windows, and intelligent layouts make for inviting spaces that facilitate student learning at every turn.  Facilities are purpose-built for every grade level and discipline, from ceramics to physics to foundation year, and our IT infrastructure and support is superb.

Our educational environment is characterized by active learning in small classes. Keystone is a school that both demands and nurtures creativity and collaboration in the classroom, and makes available significant funds for professional growth and faculty training.  Our key goals for student learning are:

  • Linguistic proficiency in both English and Chinese
  • Content mastery in specific subject areas, and exploration of the connections among them
  • Confidence and capability in creative expression
  • Ability to successfully navigate the changing technological landscape
  • Skills development in inquiry, collaboration and active learning
  • Growth in mind, body, and virtue
  • Intercultural communication and global competency

Our students are hungry for opportunity, bold in their thinking and creative in their instincts. We encourage them to become expansive in their dreaming, determined in their actions, collaborative in their teamwork, and humble in their achievement. They learn to be stewards of the environment and to be at ease with otherness.

To achieve these goals with our students, we seek teachers robustly endowed with intelligence, experience, a good nature and a healthy sense of humor. Keystone looks for culturally sensitive teachers who desire to make their classrooms places where students feel the trust and respect necessary to explore and take risks in their learning.  We will afford you, as an educator, the same trust and respect that allow you to develop in your own practice in the classroom.  Indeed, as one of our primary teachers put it, Keystone “is not a place where an administrator is looking over your shoulder all the time, ticking boxes.” At Keystone, we all take risks, individually and collectively, within a supportive and positive learning environment. There is no other way to do innovative school-keeping well.

We are creating a school where staff come and want to stay on – not only because the facilities, students, colleagues, pay package and working conditions are outstanding, but also because teachers themselves are valued and able to grow into new professional challenges.  We seek teachers who will invest themselves in the ongoing process of creating a school together. Keystone is a very satisfying place to work, in an endlessly fascinating city.

Salary and Benefits

We want our teachers to thrive, and to ensure that all our students thrive in their care and tutelage. To the end of attracting and retaining excellent teachers, Keystone’s salary and benefits package is highly competitive. We offer substantial moving and settling in allowances, visa assistance as well as comprehensive medical coverage to our teachers and their dependents. All teaching staff, whether Chinese or expatriate, are on the same pay schedule. Expatriate teaching staff receive an additional 10 percent of their base salary in lieu of a pension fund. We also provide additional stipends for administrative roles such as Dorm Parent, Grade Leader, or Department Leader.

Travel to and from one’s home is provided yearly for staff and their families. For middle and high school staff living on campus, we provide furnished two and three-bedroom apartments in our residential buildings, with full access for all immediate family members to the school’s dining halls, sports and recreational facilities, and libraries. For day faculty who qualify, we provide housing subsidies commensurate with market rates here in Beijing, with additions for dependents.

Application Process

To obtain a full information pack and to apply online, please click on the following link which will direct you to a landing page on the TIC recruitment website:

For telephone enquiries please call Wendy Hartrey, at Teachers International Consultancy in the UK on +44 (0) 2920 212083.

Early applications are encouraged. The deadline for applications is Midnight GMT on Sunday 13th November 2016.  Interviews will take place in London on 4th December 2016, and in Asia (venue and date TBC).

Shortlisted candidates will be required to bring original documentation, proof of identity and certificates with them to interview.

The school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children. Successful applicants must be willing to undergo child protection screening.

Virtual: IIIF Technology Coordinator

11.9.16 – Technology Coordinator
Council on Library and Information Resources (LCIR), North America/Western Europe

Sarah P’s comments: This an another virtual position saying the work area is North America and Western Europe. It is unclear about who is eligible to apply but I would assume US, Canadian, UK, and EU passport holders.


The International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) Consortium seeks a dedicated staff member to serve as coordinator for IIIF technology. The IIIF Technology Coordinator will play a key role as the IIIF community expands, by serving as a facilitator, provisioner and maintainer of IIIF-related infrastructure; an expert consultant on IIIF technology issues for adopters and integrators; and a general resource for helping coordinate and support IIIF’s technical components. The IIIF Technology Coordinator will work hand-in-hand with and complement the IIIF Community & Communications Officer, who has a major focus on community and communications management. This may be a 70% to 100% time role.

Reporting Lines: The incumbent will be an employee of the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR). Specifically, week-to-week activities supporting IIIF will be directed by the Chair of the IIIF Coordinating Committee or her/his designate, with high level direction coming from the chairperson of IIIF Executive Group. Administrative support and general working conditions will be provided by the Council on Library and Information Resources.

Duties for the Technology Coordinator include:

Provision and maintain IIIF technical and communications infrastructure.
This includes a combination of hands-on development and system support, as well as technical product and project management for components that may be sourced from the community or outsourced to a commercial firm. The Technology Coordinator will provide leadership in conjunction with the IIIF coordinating committee, editors, and community to assess and recommend improvement or new infrastructure. The IIIF infrastructure includes technologies supporting communications, adopters, and end-users:

  • website publishing platform
  • IIIF Demo / Sandbox environment (to demonstrate IIIF functionality with showcase apps and sites)
  • IIIF validators (to confirm target servers and clients conform to the APIs)
  • IIIF converters and shims (to help existing sites convert their images and/or data to be IIIF-compatible)
  • IIIF registry of adopters and implementers. While the Community & Communications Officer will play a major role in populating the content (along with community input), the registry itself will require technical provisioning and maintenance.
  • Other IIIF discovery components, including:
    • Index of IIIF sites / content
    • Central annotation store

IIIF Technical Expert / Advisor / Consultant to Adopters
With a deep understanding of IIIF APIs, data models, and compliant software, the Technology Coordinator will serve as a consultant and expert liaison on specific projects for those who are engaged with IIIF and may need guidance or expert interpretation on the technology. This includes for:

  • Adopting repositories and technical staff looking to set up API endpoints and/or convert their data
  • Software companies looking to make their products IIIF compatible
  • Search aggregators (e.g., DPLA, Europeana, Flickr, Google, Artstor)
  • Other open source projects with complementary efforts (acting as an integration broker)
  • Other organizations / groups (such as IPTC)
  • Those seeking grants to make their projects IIIF-compatible. It is envisioned this role may both help consult on proposals as well as be written in as an expert external resource.

Community Resource & Contributor to Advancing IIIF
As a dedicated expert focused on IIIF, the Technology Coordinator will serve as a general resource in helping advance the overall framework and community. This includes:

  • Fielding technical queries on the IIIF email lists as able, especially for queries that are not replied to by other community members
  • Helping gather and provide requirements and use cases to feed the technical specification process
  • Helping validate draft specifications through independent implementations
  • Helping test compliance/compatibility of software & implementations
  • Understanding the general technical needs of IIIF adopters, and helping ensure appropriate technical support channels exist in the community
    • This includes paying special attention to the requirements of IIIF-C members, who help support IIIF financially.
  • Participate in IIIF-related grants and projects as a IIIF central resource (e.g., participating in proposal writing, project management, technical consulting, etc.)
  • Working with the IIIF Community & Communications Officer to:
    • Deliver training (especially the more technical aspects)
    • Conduct marketing and outreach
    • Maintain community content
    • Support the IIIF-C Executive Committee, IIIF Coordinating Committee and community groups in defining objectives, strategies, and policies for IIIF; working with the IIIF Community & Communications Officer to facilitate community endeavors of these goals.

Required and Desired Skills & Experience
The ideal candidate:

  • will be self-directed and highly organized;
  • will possess well documented, demonstrated, and effective communication skills including oral, written, and presentation capabilities;
  • will have sufficient and demonstrated technical depth to obtain both a conceptual and detailed understanding of the IIIF specifications and components in interoperable systems;
  • will be facile with current, relevant web technologies and standards for web-based image delivery, and related technologies (search, audio-visual, 3d);
  • will be savvy using GitHub, JSON-LD and linked data;
  • will have demonstrated experience with at least one modern programming language, preferably Python and/or Ruby;
  • will have hands-on experience managing production infrastructure;
  • will have previous, direct experience with information technology in libraries, archives or museums;
  • will be able to work with IIIF community members of all technical abilities;
  • will be comfortable and thrive in an open community; and
  • will be adept in fostering contributions and participation from a growing member and adopter base as well as commercial firms.

Travel required. Location anywhere in North America or Western Europe. Salary dependent upon qualifications; benefits as applicable.

To apply:
send a cover letter and CV to Sheila Rabun, IIIF Communications and Coordination Officer, at Please direct any questions to

About CLIR:
CLIR is an independent, nonprofit organization that forges strategies to enhance research, teaching, and learning environments in collaboration with libraries, cultural institutions, and communities of higher learning. CLIR is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer. For more information about CLIR, visit our website at


News: The Pavement Bookworm…

11.9.16 – The Pavement Bookworm
posted by Molly Brown on the International Librarians Network

Sarah P’s comments:  The intention of this blog is to share and discuss international and virtual librarian opportunities however, occasionally, when I see a story which reminds me of the importance of libraries everywhere, I post it.  Here is a story I believe well worth sharing…

Philani Dladla’s story is a beautiful homage to the power of books and reading. The young South African first began his love affair with books and reading when he was 12-years old and given The Last White Parliament by Frederik Van Zyl Slabbert, by his mother’s employer. Although his ability to read English was almost non-existent, he refused to be discouraged. He read the book slowly, several times, encouraged by his mother’s employer to discover why it was a special book. Shortly after their relationship began, the employer died, but in his will he left Philani 500 collectible books which included classics by Dickens, Bronte and Shakespeare, to name a few. As Philani states in an interview, “I started reading and I couldn’t stop. I spent most of my time indoors with my books, they were my best friends”.

As he grew into a teenager, Philani’s life changed. He fell in with a rough crowd at school and was eventually expelled. He grew depressed and at his mother’s suggestion, moved to Joburg, South Africa in 2008, to try and start fresh. Although life started out well – a new job and a new flat to live in, eventually the temptations of the city caught up with him and he began using drugs. He lost his job and his apartment and found himself living under the Nelson Mandela Bridge, homeless and an addict. The one thing Philani didn’t lose though were his books. To fund his habit, he would stand on the street and sell book reviews to passing motorists and pedestrians. Word spread quickly and people began lining up to get reviews from the newly dubbed “Pavement Bookworm”. A few years after he began selling the reviews, the writer and documentary film-maker Tebogo Malope interviewed Philani and posted the video online. It instantly went viral. More people from all over South Africa, including the media, came to seek him out, and Philani used this opportunity as a “wake up call” to get clean and do something productive with his life and the money he was making from his reviews.

PAVEMENT-BOOKWORM-COVER-fontchoice-webThe first thing he did was start the Book Reader’s Club for underprivileged children in Joubert Park, where he began to teach children, after school, to read. As he says, “it’s a way of thanking books for saving my life…I could have ended up dead on the streets”. He has also written his own book, The Pavement Bookworm, which tells his amazing story and how the influence of books in his life rescued him.

Philani has a website where you can learn more about him, read his reviews and become involved in his mission. Additionally, he provides links to services for those who find themselves in at-risk situations and need help. This young man is truly inspiring and through his struggles and triumphs, he shows us all that the ability to read is not an activity to take for granted. Books fill our lives with richness and meaning, and in Philani’s case were truly life-savers. He took the one thing that meant something to him during his darkest days, and created a beautiful new life for himself and so many others.

What do you think about the Pavement Bookworm? Please share your comments via our FacebookTwitter or our LinkedIn pages.

Molly Brown, ILN Content Officer

Virtual: Engagement Manager

11.8.16 – Engagement Manager
Altmetric, UK/US

Sarah P’s comments:  Here is a UK-based company advertising for a US-based person.  Therefore, I would assume you will need the right to work in the US but, if interested, I would write and check as they might accept Canadian applicants as well.


DescriptionWe’re looking for a US-based Engagement Manager to join our growing team! You’d be responsible for ensuring publishers, institutions and non-academic customers around the world are supported in using Altmetric tools and applying our data. Working closely with customers to assess training and educational requirements, this role involves running webinars, in-person training sessions and interactive workshops.

Skilled at developing and nurturing client relationships, you’ll be responsible for ongoing engagement and collaboration with our customers post-implementation. You’ll be reporting to the Head of Implementations & Support, and liaising with our sales teams to successfully embed Altmetric tools across all of our clients.


  • Build relationships with customers post-implementation to provide training, advice and roll-out support, ensuring relevant stakeholders are engaged
  • Run customer training webinars, in-person sessions, workshops and regular refreshers
  • Work closely with the Head of Implementations and Support and sales teams to conduct regular consultative check-in calls with customers, providing advice and support to help embed Altmetric tools across the organisation
  • Create slide decks, multimedia and print training materials and keep up-to-date
  • Develop a thorough understanding of Altmetric products and customer needs
  • Collect and develop customer roll-out plans and identify support gaps
  • Engage with wider scholarly communications community to ensure training and advice remains relevant and useful
  • Work closely with sales teams to develop and nurture existing client relationships
  • Report back to the Product Development Manager on real-life usage scenarios
  • Provide implementation and onboarding support where required
  • Demo or present at conferences where needed 

Key skills

  • Adept at building relationships with stakeholders, understanding customer needs and tailoring approach accordingly
  • Excellent communications skills to engage with customers, the wider scholarly community, and the team
  • Ability to produce and maintain useful training and roll-out materials, ideally with experience using InDesign
  • Confident presenting/demoing to large groups of people
  • A high level of productivity and good prioritisation skills


  • 3-5 years’ work experience in the scholarly publishing and academic sector or scholarly software
  • Ideally will have worked in an US academic library or a university environment
  • Need to be an excellent communicator using the written and spoken word
  • Passionate about scholarly communication, creativity and building new businesses
  • Efficient and well-organised, but also pragmatic and flexible
  • A “doer” and a team player
  • Ability to demonstrate personal credibility and integrity

About Altmetric

Altmetric LLP is a UK-based data science company dedicated to producing alternative metrics for research outputs ranging from peer-reviewed journal articles to datasets and software. With a global customer base spanning academic institutions, publishers, government agencies, non-profits, research institutes, and corporations, Altmetric is the gold standard in altmetrics data.

If you’d like to apply for this role please email your CV and a covering letter describing your suitability to




Job: Deputy Director of Library

11.7.16 – Deputy Director of Library
University of Kurdistan Hewlêr, Erbil, Iraq

Sarah P’s comments: This university was established in 2006 and has been plagued with all sorts of troubles. I found lots of discussion about their issues up until 2012 when a new Vice Chancellor was appointed. Check it out and decide whether it could be an opportunity.
Wikipedia article
The Rise of Problems at University of Kurdistan Hawler (UKH)
TripAdvisor: Review of Erbil-Kurdistan

Application Information

Rang Kalameard, Director of HR
Human Resource Department
University of Kurdistan Hewlêr
Phone: 964-750-652-6048
Email Address:
The University of Kurdistan Hewlêr (UKH) seeks the employment of an enthusiastic and well-qualified applicant to fill the position of Deputy Director of Library who provides overall day-to-day management of the Library and its associated areas that may include learning resources areas, IT open access areas, writing centres, and other resource bases.
The Deputy Director of Library will:
* Be responsible for the day-to-day management of the Library, implementing new services and new ways of working as appropriate.
* Develop responsive and high quality learner-focused service that works to defined customer service standards; to staff front-line service desks on a regular basis; and to support students effectively in the use of learning resources.
* Ensure that the Library reflects a quality learning environment, that health and safety requirements are met, and equipment, furniture and fittings are maintained to a high standard.
* Manage Library staff members; to carry out training and induction of these staff; to meet regularly on an individual basis and assist in annual performance and appraisal reviews; to participate in interviewing and recruiting staff.
* Organise meetings that are focused on the quality development of the Library.
* Assist in the selection, organisation and maintenance of learning resources in all formats in the Library within a collection development policy; to ensure that learning resources reflect the diversity and educational priorities of the University.
* Assist in the development and delivery of user education, information and research skills programmes, and to develop appropriate learning materials in print and on-line form; to link these programmes to study skills and subject based programmes in tutorials.
* Catalogue, classify and index learning resources as required.
* Work with the e-learning and Systems Manager and the academic staff to ensure coherence of practice and procedures.
* Seek opportunities for income-generation and course delivery in the Library, working with the e-learning and Systems Manager and Chair of Departments.
* Carry out annual self-assessment reviews of the service and adhere to the quality assurance framework of the University; to carry out surveys of student satisfaction and respond actively to student and staff complaints and suggestions.
* Work closely with other staff and departments to ensure a harmonised approach to service delivery wherever possible.
* Take part in University meetings, working groups and committees; to attend curriculum course team meetings.
* Participate in performance and appraisal reviews.
* Keep informed and up-dated with developments in curriculum, education generally and in professional matters.
* Work cooperatively with Library staff, teaching, curriculum and business support staff and University managers.
* Take responsibility for personal and professional development and to attend staff development and training sessions where required.
* Work at any of the sites served by the University.
* Deputise for the Director of Library as and when required.
The Deputy Director of Library should have the following skills and competencies:
* A university degree (Credit Points: 300, Years of Study: Minimum of Three Years*) or equivalent level qualification in Library, Library Management or a relevant field.
* Excellent command of English language as either a native speaker or to have an IELTS band 7.0 or iBT score 100.
* A minimum of five years relevant experience in an academic library or learning resources centre.
* Experience of developing and delivering user education, information and research skills programmes in an academic learning resources context.
* Good interpersonal skills with the ability to lead and motivate a team, and to work effectively with other academic and support staff and University managers.
* Good oral and written communication skills, with ability to communicate effectively with a wide variety of staff and students.
* Experience in recruiting, managing and developing staff, preferably within a library setting.
* Generic IT skills with a detailed understanding of new technology and the application of e-learning within an academic Library setting.
* Demonstrable knowledge of higher education and second language learning agendas.
* Commitment to diversity and an understanding of equal opportunities issues within academic library context.
* Understanding of quality systems within education or related areas and their applicability to library services.
Interested applicants are requested to email their Application Form, CV, and Personal
Statement to by indicating the Vacancy Title: Deputy Director of Library and inserting the most recent passport size photo in the area provided on the application form.
* Only complete applications: Application Form (with the most recent photo), Personal
Statement and CV will be considered.
* Size of the photo must be 45mm x 35mm with no less than 150 pixels for the quality.
* Any application that does not specify the vacancy applied for will not be considered.
* An Application Form is available at Current Vacancies on the University website
* Only short listed candidates will be contacted for an interview.

Job: University Librarian

11.7.16 – University Librarian
American University of Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Sarah P’s comments: This is a new one, however please read the reviews carefully before applying. FYI: Dave’s ESL Cafe is a reliable general information and review site for ELS teachers however covers many colleges as well.

Wikipedia article
Job Discussion Forum for AUPP


American University of Phnom Penh (AUPP) seeks applicants for full-time University Librarian. The position reports to the VP of Academic & Student Affairs and is responsible for the oversight of the library and its development. He/She will also have administrative oversight of the Learning Center which caters to course-specific tutoring (individual or in group) and academic skills workshop.

Eligible candidates must have a Master’s degree in Library Science or Master in Library & Information Science from an American or other western university and at least 5 years of experience as a librarian in an institution of higher education, with preference for administrative library experience.

AUPP offers a competitive benefits package which includes round trip airfare (conditions apply), free visa and work permit, and subsidized international health plan.

Interested candidates should send a letter of application, unofficial transcripts, and three (3) references to References will only be contacted for applicants who are short listed. For additional information about the university or this position, visit the AUPP website at

Application Information

American University of Phnom Penh
Email Address: