Job: Library Director

10.31.16 – Library Director
St. Matthew’s University, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Sarah P’s comments:  Here is another Caribbean medical librarian position.  For those interested in these kind of positions please read yesterday’s post for general information. Specific to this position, according to my notes as well as e-mails from other librarians,  this position was originally advertised in the spring as a tenure-track position, then removed and re-posted in June as a non-tenure track position (maybe the original was an error?).  They did interview but apparently were unsuccessful and have now just re-listed the position.  St. Matthew’s is not one of the top-tier medical schools however there is some talk of working with or merging with the other schools which might improve their position. St. Matthew’s is owned by R3 Education who also owns Saba University School of Medicine and the Medical University of the Americas.

This could be a good break-in experience for someone who has some health sciences experience who wishes to go international and gain more experience, however it could be a challenging position as budget is usually an issue with for-profit schools.  Also, the Caymans Islands is an undeniably beautiful location but also a very expensive place to live so make sure to check cost-of-living before accepting.


Position Description:

St. Matthew’s University (SMU) seeks applications for the position of Library Director.

The St. Matthew’s University Library houses computer terminals, individual study carrels, a copy/print room, and small group study areas. In addition, students have access to an extensive selection of journals and textbooks, as well as hundreds of online full-text medical journals.

The mission of SMU is to provide an outstanding medical and veterinary education curriculum to a dedicated group of students from the United States, Canada, the Cayman Islands, and many other countries around the world.  The library staff works with students to enhance self-directed learning and promote academic excellence.   More information about SMU can be found at


  • Schedule and manage library staff;
  • Manage and provide library services (collection development, cataloging, claiming, document retrieval, research);
  • Participate in the Principles of Research and Evidence Based Medicine course;
  • Ensure compliance with library policies and procedures; and
  • Market and promote library services to students and faculty.

Preferred Qualifications of Candidates:

  • Master’s degree in library and information science.
  • At least one year’s experience as a professional librarian in a medical library setting.
  • Good communication and oral skills with preference for a candidate that can also teach a short course regarding research and/or informatics.
  • Supervisory experience.

Salary and Benefits:

Salary is competitive based on qualifications and experience. We also offer competitive health and retirement benefits.

Application Details and Deadline:

The position of Library Director will be open soon and applications will be accepted until a suitable candidate is selected.   Interested candidates should e-mail a curriculum vitae and cover letter, with salary requirements to or send via mail to:

St. Matthew’s University, Search Committee, P.O. Box 30992, Grand Cayman, KY1-1204

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