Job: Secondary Librarian

7.19.16 –  Secondary Librarian
Gyeonggi Suwon International School, Suwon, Korea

Sarah P’s comments: A late posting…this school is fairly young and has run into some financial trouble which has caused the reviews to slip.  However it can sometimes be advantageous to begin working at a school when it is rebounding.  A few questions and notes if you are interested in this position:  Please define ‘Christian worldview’?  Why is this position available now?  Will I receive IB Librarian training? Have you resolved your legal and financial issues?  Depending on the answers this position could be a chance to break-in to the international market offering a chance to gain IB experience in an interesting location.

The Secondary Librarian models the attributes of a 21st century educator and creates thriving physical and virtual environments that connect learners to construct knowledge, collaborate and creatively solve problems. The librarian is an excellent communicator who instills enthusiasm in others by making them feel they are important members of a team. The librarian fosters an environment of creativity, innovation, and openness to new ideas, welcoming and encouraging input from others, while anticipating future obstacles and continually retooling to meet challenges. The librarian is an integral part of the learning process as an instructional partner through collaborating with teachers and IB coordinators.

Job Goals
● To ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information
● To empower students to be critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers, skillful researchers, and ethical users of information
● To instill a love of learning and reading in all students through meaningful experiences
● To collaborate with teachers and IB coordinators to design and implement units of inquiry
● To provide the leadership and expertise necessary to ensure that the library program
supports the school’s mission, goals, and objectives

Roles and Responsibilities
As an Instructional Partner , the Secondary Librarian works with teachers and IB coordinators to build and strengthen connections between student information and research needs, curricular content, and information resources.

As an essential partner in the instructional process the MYP/DP librarian
● Collaborates with teachers and departments to provide instructional support for
course content, assignments, and research. This includes research skills,
information literacy skills, media literacy skills, technology skills, or other content as
agreed upon collaboratively with teachers.
● Contributes to MYP and DP planners for the units of inquiry that he or she
collaborates on with teachers
● Teaches classes on a flexible schedule in conjunction with subject area teachers.
● Develops information literacy tools and resources to assist students with the skills
necessary for inquiry and research in a 21st Century digital environment.
● Provides group and individual support for the MYP Personal Project and DP
Extended Essay.

Library Administration and Management
● Maintain and monitor budget expenditures according to school policies and procedures to ensure availability of resources and proper use of funds.
● Maintain and ensure timely technical support for software, systems, peripherals, and
database services. (Example: Follett Destiny, Accelerated Reader, EBSCO)
● Select relevant and high quality resources which meet the reading and information needs of students and faculty. Use appropriate library standards and justifications
when removing resources from the collection.
● Develop policies and procedures for all aspects of the library. (Examples: weeding
the collection, requesting additional titles, circulation, requests to remove a title due
to inappropriate content, etc.)
● Organize library and textbook materials, equipment, and facilities for effective and
efficient circulation and use.
● Ensure cataloging standards are maintained when adding resources to the
library/textbook catalog using either copy cataloging or original MARC cataloging.
● Conduct annual inventories of library collection, textbook materials, and equipment
to ensure accurate recordkeeping and documentation of lost and/or damaged materials
● Prepare reports relative to the operation of the media center to disseminate
information to appropriate parties. (Examples: circulation and patron statistics, etc.)

Library Supervision
● Provide an environment that is conducive to collaborative learning.
● Oversee and assign tasks to additional support staff, student helpers and/or volunteers
● Maintain a library schedule that provides students with optimum usage of space and resources

● Promotes the library as more than a physical and virtual repository of information by
creating a learning commons with an integrated media program where collaboration,
research, creation, problem solving and innovation occur.
● Create an atmosphere and climate that stimulates a love of learning and reading.
● Contributes to the development of information literacy and media literacy skills
across the curriculum.
● Builds the capacity of teachers and students to effectively implement aninquirybased,
student centered learning environment.

Professional Development
The Secondary Librarian attends the secondary division PD on Monday afternoons. He or she also meets with department teams and grade level teams on a regular basis.

Virtual Job: IFLA Series Editor (part-time)

7.15.16 –  IFLA Series Editor
IFLA & De Gruyter, worldwide

IFLA and De Gruyter are seeking Expressions of Interest for the position of Series Editor for the IFLA Publication Series (often known as the ‘Green Backs’).

The book series addresses ways in which libraries, information centres, and information professionals worldwide can formulate their goals, exert their influence as a group, protect their interests, and find solutions to global problems.

The Series Editor is responsible for identifying topics and issues of significance to the profession and for the commissioning of editors and authors to produce works for publication by De Gruyter, IFLA’s publishing partner.

IFLA aims to publish a minimum of three titles per year. This is a part-time position and De Gruyter provides a small stipendium.

De Gruyter will also appoint a copy editor to copy-edit, submit the manuscripts to the Publisher and accompany the production process.


  • Identify topics of interest to the library profession
  • Work with Chairs of IFLA Section Committees to select suitable Editors from IFLA’s member expertise
  • Oversee the production process from commissioning to publication
  • Assist Editors with the operational aspects of commissioning, applications, forms, organisation and deadlines
  • Provide advice to Editors and Authors to ensure consistent presentation in areas such as style guidelines, syntax, terminology, referencing and quality of graphics
  • Liaise with De Gruyter’s copy editor regarding the typesetting and final formatting of works in the series


  • Communication skills
    • Possess excellent interpersonal and responsive, accurate written communication skills. As the series is primarily published in English, a native level of English is preferred;
  • Understanding of issues
    • Excellent understanding of the major issues and hot topics influencing library services and practice in the global environment;
  • High Standing
    • High standing in the Library and Information Science field as a practitioner or researcher;
  • Research and Writing Skills
    • Excellent research and professional writing skills and expertise, and the ability to critique research writing;
  • Scholarly Publishing
    • Strong understanding of scholarly publishing;
  • Vision for Future
    • Vision for the future of the series and to increase its standing in the field;
  • Experience
    • Experience as a published editor or author in the Library and Information Science field.

An Expression of Interest presenting your experience and addressing each of the areas outlined under the heading Skills should be sent by 5 August 2016 to Claudia Heyer, email:

Job: Foreign Service Information Management Specialist

7/14/16 –  Foreign Service Information Management Specialist
US Foreign Service, Worldwide

Sarah P’s comments:  For US librarians with IT skills and/or a degree this position could be a good entrance into the foreign service.  Librarians are generally hired as Information Resource Officers but there are only about 30 of those positions worldwide whereas there are IT management positions everywhere thus both the chance of being hired and the upward mobility is better.  (For example, this position was last posted in 2015 whereas the Info Resource Officer was last posted in 2012).  For more information see Chapter 6 in my book and/or the Book Resources section of the blog.

Announcement No: IMS-2016-0003
Position Title: Foreign Service Information Management Specialist
Open Period: July 13 2016 – July 26, 2016
Series/Grade: FP – 2210 – 05
Salary: $44,250 – $64,983
Promotion Potential: FP-MC
Duty Locations: Many vacancies throughout the world, Washington, D.C.
For More Info:

Who May Apply

Must be a U.S. citizen. Potential applicants should read the entire announcement to ensure that they meet all of the requirements and understand a Foreign Service career.Applicants may not reapply for one year after the previous application for the same position.

Job Summary

The U.S. Department of State, our country’s lead foreign policy agency, provides a rich international experience whether at home or abroad, and opportunities to become responsible leaders.

Each day, our employees make a difference as they contribute to our global society and defend and advance our country’s interests and values. They work on the business of diplomacy and high priority issues that impact the safety, security, and prosperity of our world – human rights, environment, energy, food security, public health, and technology – all while experiencing a unique career.

Our talented workforce reflects and champions all of our strengths and diversity – personal, professional, and educational. We offer a workplace that values and rewards leadership, collaboration and innovation, and personal and professional development.

Foreign Service Information Management Specialists (IMS) are responsible for the Department’s Information Resource Management programs and information technology (IT) systems world-wide.

To find out more specifics about the qualifications required for an IMS, please click here for the IMS Career Track Quiz: The Department of State is developing a rank-order list of eligible hires for a limited number of FSS vacancies based on the needs of the Department. To learn more about the Department of State and a career as an FSS, please visit us at

Key Requirements

  • Be a U.S. citizen and available for worldwide service.
  • Be able to obtain a Top Secret Security Clearance.
  • Be able to obtain an appropriate Foreign Service Medical Clearance.
  • Be able to obtain a favorable Suitability Review Panel determination.*
  • Be at least 20 years old and at least 21 years old to be appointed.
  • Be appointed prior to age 60 (preference eligible veterans excepted).**

Travel Required

Occasional Travel

An FSS generally spends the majority of his/her career assigned to our overseas missions and at times, lives away from family and/or in difficult or isolated conditions. Selected applicants will be notified of an Oral Assessment (OA) requirement in Washington D.C. For the selected applicants, all travel and other expenses incurred in connection with the OA are the sole responsibility of the applicant.


The duties of IMS vary according to the size of the post and the requirements of the specific diplomatic mission. At various times, at posts around the world or in domestic locations, the following are some examples of the types of duties and responsibilities an IMS is expected to perform:

  • Provide assistance to users of information management services (for example, by configuring and optimizing software).
  • Train users in the use of new software applications, providing guidance and assistance with new or amended IT-related policies and procedures.
  • Advise post staff on the use of social media technologies for mission outreach activities.
  • Set up, administer, and support software and hardware digital conferencing systems.
  • Manage Department of State knowledge bases.
  • Promote end-user involvement in technology and technical decision-making.
  • Promote the use of emerging technologies, and improve and support connectivity with U.S. government foreign affairs partner agencies.
  • Install, operate, and maintain new hardware and software applications.
  • Ensure that IT operations comply with Department of State and federal government operating and security policies and practices, and ensure that applicable management controls are implemented.
  • Administer, operate, and troubleshoot classified and unclassified telecommunications network equipment, including but not limited to, cryptographic equipment, multiplexers, modems, routers, switches, and satellite equipment.
  • Administer secure and non-secure telephone and wireless programs at embassies and consulates by installing new equipment, as well as maintaining and repairing existing equipment.
  • Install, test, maintain, and deploy various wireless and satellite emergency communications systems.
  • Administer classified and unclassified Diplomatic Pouch and Mail programs at overseas locations by providing appropriate supervision, reporting and oversight.
  • Monitor and implement security and management controls on Department of State automated information systems.
  • Support operations in the area of cyber security, contingency planning, disaster recovery, general security operations, and risk management.
  • Supervise teams of foreign national systems administrators, mailroom employees, telephone technicians, radio technicians, or switchboard operators.
  • Serve as part of the embassy or consulate management team.
  • Perform additional duties outside normal information resource management activities as determined by embassy or consulate management or as dictated by specific circumstances.

Some of the essential functions of the job have a physically demanding component. In the execution of the duties and tasks listed above, Information Management Specialists are required to:

  • Work in confined areas such as crawlspaces, attics, communication closets, and other confined spaces.
  • Work from heights to include rooftops, scaffolding, and climb extension ladders.
  • Move, handle, and lift heavy objects. For example: move desks to troubleshoot computer issues, move computers with or without carts, and move other equipment and tools.

We are currently accepting applications for this position.

Apply now at USAJOBS.



Volunteer: Librarian in Africa

7.11.16 –  Luhwahwa Youth Development Foundation
Kasese, Western Region, Uganda

Sarah P’s comments:  I haven’t seen this organization advertise before and could not find any reviews.



Applicants are required to fulfill the requirements;-

1. Be 16 years or older, unless approved by LUYODEFO and accompanied by an adult.

2. Speak and read basic English.

3. Secure funding for travels and accommodations. Volunteers are responsible for the following costs:-

  • Passport and Visa fees
  • All necessary vaccinations
  • Airfare to and from Uganda
  • Room and board at the local Guesthouse ($35 per day)
  • Transportation while in Uganda (including the trip from Kampala to LUYODEFO and back)
  • At least one night hotel stay in Kampala
  • Background check (approximately $50)

4. Submit for approval a detailed plan outlining a project prior to departure. Applicants must be able to start and finish the project in the time period of their visit.

5. Complete a state and national background check

6. Complete all of the pre-trip and post-trip requirements,




Financial Coach

Librarian and or Reading Coach

Volunteers are required to organize a community library (proper cataloguing and classification of books) and take the initiative to open up the library room for local children daily while helping to organize and conduct reading camps for primary students. Materials: Elementary reading level books, funds for books and computers and software.

Sports Coach –Sports for Transformation

Construction Instructor


Minimum time for placement and stay is 1 month.







Flying into Uganda, you arrive at the Entebbe International Airport on the shores of Lake Victoria, about 3 km from the town centre of Entebbe. Entebbe Airport is about 45 minutes to 2 hours car ride south from Kampala depending on road traffic. Please be sure to have emailed the LUYODEFO Director your flight details prior to your arrival so he can arrange you to be met and greeted on your arrival.


Kampala is the capital city of Uganda and is approximately 45 minutes to 2 hours away from Entebbe International Airport, depending on traffic. At the airport, LUYODEFO staff will be ready to receive you and we get an Airport Taxi take you to your hotel or guesthouse in Kampala for check in. The airport transfer will cost about $60 USD, including vehicle, driver and fuel.


LUYODEFO is located in the village of Kisinga in the Kasese District, about 500 km south west of Kampala. The drive takes about 6 – 8 hours in the bus. Depending on your budget and comfort level, LUYODEFO can recommend and arrange the best transport option for you.


Volunteers can also work in their home country helping with the following tasks:

(a). Helping to connect LUYODEFO with institutions around your community (organization, school/ college/ university, sports club, youth group/women group, church, clinic, etc.)

(b). Organising fundraisers – this can be for a specific project or general program.

(c). Besides all the above, you can support LUYODEFO by donate seed money for community projects (we accept online donations at


Job: Copyright & Licensing Librarian

7.10.16 – Contract & License Manager (Electronic Publications) / Copyright & Licensing Librarian
Leibniz Information Centre for Economics, Hamburg, Germany

Sarah P’s comments: This position was advertised on ALAJobs so that would indicate they are open to applications from outside the EU for those who speak English and German.

The ZBW aims to enable free and international access for researchers and students to as many electronic documents in economics as possible. In line with this, negotiating and contracting licenses for national provision of electronic media is the key mission of the license management team at the ZBW.  We negotiate and curate national and alliance licenses for electronic publications in Germany on behalf of the German Research Foundation within the framework of the funding program “Alliance Licenses”.  We also offer national consortia for products in economics in which academic institutions from Germany can participate. Our range of services includes not only negotiating prices and terms of conditions, but also the operative handling of the licenses.

Job description

The successful candidate will negotiate and manage digital resource licenses to help enable the nationwide provision of economic literature. S/he will be responsible for developing, managing and analysing license contracts and user agreements to ensure their compliance with established standards, requirements, best practices, and national and international copyright law.

S/he will support the transition of the ZBW from a classical print-oriented library to a digital library with a transregional provision mandate. This includes the planning and implementation of licensing models in collaboration with providers, publishers and cooperation partners of the academic library system.

Your profile

  • University graduate (Master’s degree, Diploma, or equivalent degree), preferably in Business Law, Law, or Library and Information Science (or related subject), possibly with some professional working experience in academic libraries or licensing experience
  • Business fluent English and German language skills
  • Extensive knowledge of copyright and licensing law and familiarity with contract design are mandatory qualifications
  • Familiarity with licensing processes in academic libraries
  • Familiarity with the academic publishing world (desired)
  • Familiarity in dealing with electronic publications (desired)
  • Knowledge of economics is desirable
  • The ability to clearly communicate complex issues between parties
  • Flexibility, dynamism and the ability to work in a team
  • Self-confident manner as well as high organisational, communication and negotiation skills
  • Willingness to travel frequently on official business
  • Commitment to a learning organisation

We offer

  • Challenging and varied tasks in a dynamic environment where teamwork, transparency, innovation and learning are essential
  • The public sector pension plan (through the VBL)
  • A workplace in the centre of Hamburg or at the fjord of Kiel
  • Equal opportunity and family-friendly policies  

Remuneration is based on the public sector pay scale at grade EG 13 TV-L. The contract will be fixed-term initially for a period of two years in accordance with § 14 Abs. 2 Teilzeit- und Befristungsgesetz (TzBfG), with the option of extension. This is a full-time position. Part-time is possible with a minimum of 30 hours per week. The starting date is October 1, 2016.

Are you interested in joining the license management team?

Apply online now (ID-Nr. A1-06). Your application should contain a cover letter, a current CV, complete transcripts of university grades/certificates, as well as employment references. We look forward to receiving your application.

For further information, please contact Thorsten Meyer (, Tel.: 0049-431-8814-354). Please submit your application with the relevant documents online by July 21, 2016.

We look forward to meeting you!

Job offer in pdf format


Note: ALA Recap…

7.7.16 – For everyone who attended the IRRT program, Leaning International, at the recent ALA annual conference in Orlando…it was great to finally put faces to names and to hear everyone’s stories.  I am just sorry time was so short and that I did not not have the chance to really talk to everyone who came and is interested in working and living overseas.

I am hoping they will expand this program into two next year: a panelist program such as they have had the past two years, as well as a program speaking directly to those who are interested in pursuing international opportunities.

As a member of IRRT, I will be suggesting this, however if anyone else has any ideas of what they believe should be offered, please share.

And my apologies to anyone whom I did not get to spend time with…

Safe travels, Sarah P.






Job: K-12 Head Librarian

7.7.16 – K-12 Head Librarian
The American School of Tampico, Mexico

Sarah P’s comments:  Here is a late listing form TIE.  As usual, I recommend joining TIE as well as International School Reviews if you are interested in applying. One review on ISR and it is mixed but seems honest and fair.


Looking for resourceful, flexible teachers who have a genuine interest in student learning and well-being. The American School of Tampico is a co-educational, non-profit, non-sectarian institution founded in 1917. The school facilities are enclosed on a beautiful and modern 13.5 hectare campus. Connecting most of the buildings with upper level balconies and walkways creates a small village-like atmosphere for the 850 students to enjoy.

ATS offers a bilingual and bicultural education which reflect the dynamism and diversity of the area.

Age Restrictions:  65

Job Start Date: 06 January 2017

Apply Online