Spotlight: Meet International Librarian Brenda Hahn

6.21.16 – Here is news about one of the attendees of the upcoming Leaning International IRRT Program which is part of ALA 2016 . We are creating a list so we can all learn a little about each other and to help connect before, during, and after the program. However this information is for all librarians everywhere so feel free to connect via the blog or write me an e-mail.

Brenda Hahn PhotoBrenda M. Hahn, MLS

Why the IRRT? My work history includes two years working in a library at an IB school in the Middle East. Working with classroom teachers and students, with a global curriculum, inspired me to model this higher-level 21st century life-long learning skill set, and I have never looked back. This experience brought home to me the value of creating a global perspective at the center of academic and enrichment-based life-long learning—no matter what library I am in.

Over the past 13 years, I have worked in schools and public libraries, with a range of patron demographics. My school experiences include IB and Title I programs; and I have implemented grades K-12 curricula. I have been a Family & Youth Librarian in a public library, implementing enrichment-based programming. Over time, I combined the best of my academic and enrichment library work into a transferable skill set that allows me to move between school and public libraries.

In the last year, I took time to complete my graduate degree, splitting my MLS program between school and public libraries. My undergraduate degree in Business has been put to excellent use, as I have opened three libraries (two elementary and one high school), including managing substantial budgets, researching vendors and technology, and holistic planning. I have revamped several library spaces as well. I opened my first library while completing my undergrad—this happened because I had an amazing library mentor and a perceptive administrator, who both saw my skill sets, knew my work ethic, and who trusted me to get the job done.

Exploring global learning in all its forms is what I do, because that’s what my patrons explore and want to be prepared for. I look forward to making new friends at the ALA Conference in Orlando; at IRRT—where I just know there will be fellow librarians who will share new perspectives and ideas, adding another layer to my quest for all things global in libraries.

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