Webinar: Preparing the Next Generation of African Development Professionals

6.13.16 – Preparing the Next Generation of African Development Professionals
Wednesday, June 15th at 10am EDT (GMT-4), DEVEX, USA

Sarah P’s comments:If you are interested in using your librarian training and skills to get into NGO work, this webinar should be helpful. Devex was founded in 2000 with the goal of linking development experts with professional service opportunities. It now claims to be the world’s largest international development job board with over 500,000 development professionals registered serving over 1,000 NGO’s in over 100 countries.  To search the site is free but to apply for positions you will need to pay to have a ‘career account’.  This will also allow you to access their career services such as CV and cover letter writing and review.

To view positions:  visit www.devex.com and click on ‘jobs’ then ‘job board’.  Enter ‘librarian’ in the keyword search.  Only occasionally have I found a position this way.  If there are no results try ‘library’ and this usually result in a list of opportunities some of which will be related.  For example, today’s search yielded a short-term consultant job conducting a feasibility study on the establishment of a digital library in Cote d Ivoire.

For more information about working for NGO’s please read Chapter 7 of my book.

Webinar details:

For the past few years, localization has been a buzzworthy topic across global development. Hiring practices have expanded to include more professionals at the project source, and there’s been a noticeable shift in how recruiters work to fill open positions.

2016 has been no exception to this trend – particularly in Africa – where it’s predicted that at least half of all available positions will be filled by local candidates, opening up a wide net of new opportunities for the next generation to lead the development of their home countries for the first time. Are you among them?

Find out at our free webinar on Wednesday, June 15th at 10am EDT (GMT-4). During the session, I’ll be sitting down with Ericka Copening from the World Bank and Kate Vivian from Paris School of International Affairs to discuss development hiring trends across Africa and the skills, education, and trainings needed to qualify and succeed in these positions.

Devex career webinars are typically offered exclusively to our members with a Career Account, but based on the background in your Devex profile, I thought this one would be of particular interest and wanted to offer you complimentary admission. Register now to secure your spot.

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