Program: Internationalizing your library: How to spice it up!

6.2.16 –  Internationalizing your library: how to spice it up!
IRRT Preconference Program, ALA Annual Conference, Orlando, FL, USA

Sarah P’s comments:  Another program with an international theme at the American Library Association Conference…





Internationalizing your library: How to spice it up!
Strategies for all types of librarians (Public/School/Academic/Gov’t-Nat’l) – IRRT Preconference

Friday, June 24  8:00 am – 1:00 pm   Orange County Convention Center, W205A

What does it mean to Internationalize?

Libraries and library and information professionals play an important role in a global world. “Internationalizing” your library can take many forms: it can mean providing other-language materials or ESL/citizenship classes in a public library; it can mean adding literature from other lands in a school library; it can mean offering outreach and instruction to international students in an academic library; it can mean increasing foreign partnership collections in a government/national library; and much, much more. It is a reflection of your level of engagement in international activities in your library. And even more. Register to participate and let’s brainstorm together!

Why should you attend this training?

This is unique opportunity to hear and learn from experts with exceptional experiences in internationalizing libraries. This is the only event of its kind at ALA Annual—a unique opportunity to meet, hear and learn from the best in the field. This training will provide you with specific “recipes” and “plans for actions” as well as “tool kits” on what new internationally oriented activities can be implemented in your library. Moreover, this training is intended to provide you with the new concepts, approaches and philosophies on internationalizing your libraries.

Who are the speakers/trainers?

This preconference will feature specialists from all 4 library types (public/school/academic/government-national), providing strategies for internationalizing. Participants will gather in subgroups of the 4 library types to hear their own specialists, ensuring getting the most relevant (tailored) information.

  • Public: Mary Givins (Pima County Public, AZ) and Chris Cairo/Jackie Nytes (Indianapolis Public)
  • Academic: John Hickok (California State Univ., CA) and Beth Cramer (Appalachian State Univ., NC)
  • Government/National: Joan Weeks (Library of Congress, DC) and Felicia Chan (National Library, Singapore)
  • School: Ann Symons (Juneau School District, AK/ International school, Moscow, Russia)

What will you bring back to your libraries?

Unlike regular ALA sessions that are short and sometimes general, this preconference will be intensive and training-oriented. The speakers/trainers will present real-life examples of internationalizing, and step-by-step instructions on implementing it at your library. Namely, “here’s what we did…here’s how we did it…here’s the challenges to expect…here’s how to overcome them…here’s the results.” You will be able to bring back to you libraries a tool kit of ideas and strategies. Don’t miss this unique opportunity!

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