News: Survey Opportunity…

5.15.16 – International Librarianship Survey Opportunity…


Hello fellow librarians,

You are invited to participate in a short online survey (10 multiple choice questions) on “International Librarianship at Home and Abroad.”  You are under absolutely no obligation to participate.  Should you choose to participate, however, you would be helping the library profession better understand how international librarianship is viewed by practicing librarians, and you would be helping to potentially identify some ways that international librarianship could be practiced in home settings.

Your potential involvement would only take 10 minutes or so.  It would consist of filling out a short online survey.  Your answers are anonymous and no personal information is being collected.  You do not have to answer any question you do not want to, and you may withdraw at any time by closing the browser.  Please be aware, however, that it is not possible to retrieve or change your answers upon exiting.  The survey data is securely protected and it will be deleted by the researcher after one year.  Results may be disseminated through the publication of a book.

You are further welcome to participate in a follow-up 30-minute individual, in-person interview with the researcher during ALA Annual in Orlando, Florida in June, if you are attending and available.  Please note that this research study (both online survey and in-person interviews) are personal research only, and are not sponsored by or affiliated with ALA.  This study has received ethics clearance through Brock University’s Research Ethics Board (file #15-083-BORDONARO).  Should you have any questions about your rights as a research participant, please contact the Brock University Research Ethics Officer at (905)688-5550 extension 3035 or at

If you wish to receive feedback on this study, or if you would like to set up a personal individual interview to discuss this research topic further during ALA Annual in Orlando, please contact the principal investigator, Karen Bordonaro, at


Thank you very much!




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