Job: Elementary School Librarian

4.28.16 –  Elementary Librarian
American School of Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Sarah P’s comments: A late opening from one of the top schools in the Middle East. ASD has been around for years and has become as large school with a hectic work pace in a city with crazy traffic. However, it is still a good place to work and, if you like city, life, Dubai is a crazy, vibrant place where something is always happening.

Apply by June 1, 2016

Start date July 31, 2016

Primary Responsibilities:
• Plan and prepare throughout the year for effective instruction within the classroom
• Provide a classroom environment that is conducive to learning
• Effective delivery of the curriculum
• Effectively manage each group of students while providing for a variety of learning styles, ability
levels, and educational backgrounds
• Maintain rigorous and appropriate learning expectations of all students at all times
• Monitor student learning and make appropriate modifications of goals and strategies to meet students’ needs
• Maintain accurate up-to-date records of student progress and attendance
• Engage parents and students in the learning process through frequent and meaningful
communications about student progress
• Be available to parents and students outside of school hours
• Engage in department/team planning, curriculum review, budgeting and other activities
• Interact cooperatively with colleagues in the development of cohesive curriculum materials and the establishment of instructional goals
• Co-operate with and participate in the planning and evaluation of the school program
• Keep current in education through coursework, in-service programs, and by attending professional meetings and conferences
• Remain proficient in school related technologies, Employ technology (computer, video, internet, etc. as appropriate to enhance instruction
• Engage with students in meaningful activities beyond the classroom which extend learning experiences for students (coaching, organizing field trips, sponsorship of clubs, events, community service projects, etc.)

• Engage with the administration in a committed effort to improve one’s own instructional skills
• Openly support and abide by all school policies and procedures
• Model the ‘Core Values’ in interactions with the school community
• Liaise with the Principal, taking on tasks as assigned, including all school goals

• Demonstrate commitment to personal continuous professional growth and development
• Develop and maintain effective working relationships
• Represent ASD with students, parents, colleagues, and broader school community in a professional manner
• Exhibit a professional attitude toward criticism
• Recognize and strengthen personal performance through self analysis of actions, participating inprofessional development activities, exploring educational research,  participating in professional
organizations, and through formal renewal programs

Job Skills and Requirements
• Master’s degree with a valid teaching certificate/license in content area and/or for the position you are applying
• A minimum of two years, current, full time teaching experience in the position you are applying for
• Teaching experience in a North American educational environment
• Experience with current best practices, current teaching materials, and current instructional strategies as well as recent professional growth activities
• Focused instruction and assessment on student learning
• Models ASD Core Values (Excellence, Respect, Integrity, Compassion, Responsibility

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