Jobs: ISS Hiring Fair for School Librarians

4.22.16  – ISS Hiring Fair for School Librarians
Online, USA

Sarah P’s comments: International School Services (ISS) is one of the large recruiting agencies for international educators including librarians.  They offer a range of hiring fairs as well as online fairs and you must pay a fee to join. ISS recruits for their managed schools as well as other schools.  The general consensus is that the schools they manage, particularly in China, are inferior, however they can be an opportunity for you to break-in to the international circuit.  Please see my book for further information.


Join ISS for our fifth iFair® on May 11, 2016!
The iFair® combines interview sign-up with the latest technology platforms to bring interviewing directly to your phone or laptop. We’re pleased to announce that Skype has been fully integrated into the platform, allowing recruiters to request a Skype call immediately after your text-based chat. All communication can still be done from your laptop or mobile device.
Registration is now open! Sign up today to participate in this exciting event. You must be an active ISS candidate to participate in the iFair.

If you have questions about creating or updating your account, please email the EdStaffing team (

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