Job: Temporary Secondary Librarian

3.14.16 –  Temporary Secondary Librarian
Leysin American School, Leysin, Switzerland

Sarah P’s comments: This posting was forwarded to me via e-mail.  If you  have not secured a position for next year or are still working on achieving school media certification, this could be a position which will give you IB as well as international experience and get your foot in the door.

We’re looking for a librarian to fill in for me, while I go on maternity leave.  A job description is attached. We are looking for a full-time replacement for the whole fall semester, beginning mid-August 2016 and ending in December 2016. Since we are a boarding school, LAS also can offer housing for a single person and possibly a couple, but not for a family.

This position also includes doing boarding school residential duties as assigned.

All applications can be emailed directly to me at

Thanks so much & have a great day,

Rebecca Leonhard

Leysin American School in Switzerland


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