Job: School Librarian (6)

3.1.16 –  Recruiting Agency for School Librarians (6 positions open)
Teacher Horizons, UK

Sarah P’s comments:  Here is a free agency which I just discovered who recruits school librarians. They appear to be fairly new, see review on the ISR Forum. For more information about them and how to apply click on the ‘About’ tab on the homepage.

Finding positions is a bit tedious:

  1. Click on their search jobs box on the homepage.
  2. From the drop down list choose ‘not applicable’ (there is no Librarian choice!)
  3. Another page and box will appear. Click on the ‘Role’ box and choose ‘Librarian’ from the drop down menu.
  4. Available librarian positions will open on the right.


TeacherHorizons is a free platform and networking tool that connects teachers and international schools.

It was founded by former TeachFirst teachers and international school Heads to increase the status of teaching abroad and empower teachers to be more internationally mobile.

We believe that teaching internationally builds teacher’s skills and experience and, by helping match the right teaching talent with the right schools, we ultimately hope to improve the quality of teaching globally.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision is to internationalise teaching

Our Mission is to increase the status of teaching abroad by:

  • Providing transparent in depth information on teachers and schools
  • Matching the right teaching talent with the right schools
  • Supporting the professional development of teachers and schools


Central to our philosophy is that we provide a service that is useful to both teachers and schools. We are essentially a website for teachers and international schools run by teachers and international schools. We hope that Teacherhorizons will continue to develop collaboratively so that it feels like YOUR website whether you are a teacher or an international school. So, if you ever have any feedback, please share it with us!

Final note

We all hugely enjoyed working in international schools and learnt a great deal from the experience. We strongly believe that every teacher should have the opportunity to benefit from this experience and that all good schools should be able to find the most inspirational teachers for their students. We look forward to working with you over the years ahead to make this possible.

Thanks for all your support!

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