Job: Virtual Researcher

2.29.16 – Virtual Researchers

Sarah P’s comments: I received an e-mail from a Research Manager at Wonder asking whether I would be willing to post this opportunity.  After some initial research, I can say they are a legitimate company. Here is some more information about working for this company, and also the job description and application link which was shared with me.  For the sake of others please share your experience with this company.

FYI: Wonder does not hire residents of California, New York, and Massachusetts however I inquired about non-US citizens and received the following reply. ‘Our research positions are open to all, and we welcome non-US citizens. All payment is done through PayPal to make it easy for those outside the US. Our only requirement is a strong command of the English language.’

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Join Wonder’s fast-growing network of freelance researchers!

(FAQs, Application, and details below)

Wonder ( is a personal research assistant that saves people time by getting detailed answers and resources delivered to their inboxes by a trusted network of researchers.

We’re looking for individuals with exceptional online research skills to join our community of independent paid researchers. Wonder clients post questions about various topics in economics, business, technology, product recommendations and more, and your job is to efficiently track down the highest quality resources across the Web and explain the results in a personable, human way.  Wonder allows you to combine your researching skills as a librarian (or library sciences student) with your desire to help provide knowledge to those who seek it, and to get paid in the process.

As an independent contractor, you can work whenever you want, as often as you want, and from wherever you want. You also have complete choice over which questions to answer — pick the ones that are interesting to you.

Questions get posted to a central dashboard, from which you can choose to claim whichever seem most interesting to you. For each search you claim, you’ll be tasked with finding 5+ links to high-quality sources, and writing a rich summary directly answering the user’s query while adding any insights you gleaned along the way.


Researchers are problem solvers with a sense of imagination that helps them dig deep and find meaningful insights based on available data. Some characteristics we’re looking for:

  • A discerning eye for quality content

  • Strong general knowledge paired with several areas of expertise

  • Command of the English language and strong/grammatical writing a must

  • Ability to create lean, high-level, often quantitative summaries directly answering users’ questions

  • Critical analysis, logical reasoning skills

  • Keen attention to details

  • Previous experience in a research-intensive role is a definite plus
You can read more about the job description and the FAQs here:
When you’re ready to apply, head over to:

4 thoughts on “Job: Virtual Researcher

    • All I have been able to find out is that “due to state regulations, we [Wonder] cannot currently accept applicants from the states of New York, California or Massachusetts.” Neither the Wonder website nor any reviews I read described which ‘state regulations’ preclude them from hiring independent researchers. I would suggest contacting your state library for further research.


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