Job: Elementary Librarian

2/4/15 — Elementary Librarian
Kodaikanal International School, Tamil Nadu, India

Sarah P’s comments:  This school claims to be rated the #1 international residential school in India. Lasy year they advertised for a Head Librarian (three times). There is only one review on International School Reviews which indicated that the area was beautiful and that the school was nice but in decline.  Here is another review from Glassdoor:  If you would like a chance to work in India and/or are looking for that first break-in position overseas, I think this would be a position to consider.  Just make sure to ask whether and how the problems of the school are being addressed.

FYI:  For those interested in international school positions you should join TIE (The International Educator), where you can see open positions and also post your resume, as well as become a member of International School Reviews.  See Book Resources, Chapter 3, for related links and I recommend reading my book as well for further information about the hiring process of this segment of international librarianship.

This school also offers a chance to volunteer.  This could be a good way to gain international library experience in an IB school (very advantageous).

Volunteering at KIS: For decades, KIS has encouraged personal and professional philanthropists in an extraordinary and popular volunteer program. People of all ages, nationalities, backgrounds are welcomed into this residential community and spend one or two semesters at KIS helping out with whatever needs doing. Volunteers are housed, provided with all essential services, may eat all meals in the school cafeteria with the students and residential staff and receive an honorarium to acknowledge their contributions. If you have professional skills to offer or time to spare or a sabbatical to take, consider a Volunteer assignment at KIS. To apply, complete the application form (click here) and send and send along with your CV/resume and letter of interest to, Human Resources Officer at

Click to read volunteering FAQs

Job Description:

K-8 Teacher Librarian, School library media specialist
Supervisor: Head Librarian; Vice Principal
Department: Library
Purpose: To ensure that library resources support the K-8 academic programs and to teach information and digital literacy

A. Essential Selection Criteria
1 Bachelor’s Degree in Library and Information Science or equivalent.
2 Possess a high degree of fluency and accuracy in written and spoken English
3 Able and willing to keep yourself up to date with school library work in the 21th century
4 Highly skilled in computers and use of databases and Internet in general
5 A strong interest and confidence in teaching and learning – for students, teachers and yourself.
6 Enjoy teamwork as well as being independent, self directed and creative.
7 Sufficient experience of working in a school library.
8 Enthusiastic about interactive with grade K-8 students of various nationalities, and have a great sense of service towards the students and the teachers
9 Effective communication and organizational skills

B. Desirable Selection Criteria
1 Information and digital literacy teaching experience
2 Knowledge of and experience with the PYP/MYP programs and resources
3 Leadership skills
4 Cataloging and classifying library resources in DDC
5 Up to date knowledge about age appropriate literature for grade K-8 children

C. Responsibilities
1 Collaborate with K-8 teaching staff and the MYP/PYP coordinators to make sure that the library materials support and enhance the goals of the MYP/PYP program.
2 Collaborate with the Head Librarian to create a well-rounded, accessible, and innovative school Library program.
3 Stay up to date with recent children’s and young adult book publications, and make sure that the library collection supports the interests and reading level of the student body.
4 Encourage and support the K-8 teaching staff to integrate new resources and online digital tools in their classroom curriculum.
5 Teach staff and students how to use and access both the physical and digital library resources.
6 Be an advocate for information and digital literacy to both staff and students; act as the primary resource person on research, citation, and digital resource evaluation for the K-8 campus.
7 Coordinate library activities (for ex. Book-To-Movie nights, book art events, Edible Book Festival) for both the K-8 and HS libraries.
8 Collaborate with the Head Librarian in annual budget preparations and library policies.
9 Contribute to the KIS Library e-newsletter “bookclicks” monthly.
10 Ensure that the library is well-designed, equipped, and maintained to serve and encourage student and staff use.
11 Fulfill other duties as required by the Principal / vice principal

Age Limit: 60

Please send your resume along with your educational and work experience certificates to Short listed candidates will be notified via email for a phone or Skype interview.


School Description:

Kodaikanal International School, in Tamil Nadu, India, is a leading international school in South India, with a distinguished history of service over 100 years. It is a residential, co-educational school for 500 students from K-12 located in the Palni hills, Tamil Nadu. KIS is accredited by MSA and offers the IB program and US high school diploma

At KIS you will be working in a multicultural environment with a wide range of highly qualified and experienced colleagues. You will find camaraderie, strong friendships, a wealth of experiences and information shared amongst staff and students. Opportunities for new experiences abound in the diversity offered by life at KIS such as:

1. Hiking and camping in world heritage nature conservation areas
2. Unique outdoor education environment – KIS Wilderness Campus at Poondi
3. Annual field trips within South India that provide cultural and service oriented experience
4. Social experience – an opportunity to make a difference to KIS and the community around us

The safety and security of Kodaikanal with little traffic congestion and pollution ensures a quality of life that cannot be underestimated. All amenities are within walking distance of any KIS campus. The hiking program allows easy access to the beauty of the local environment. Friendships with people from other national, cultural, religious and language backgrounds are common and KIS community life provides a busy out of school circle of events

Kodaikanal International School is ranked the No.1 International Residential School in India, in the Education World India Schools Ranking 2014 Survey. Second year in a row.

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