Job: Academic Librarian (2)

2.18.16 –  Technical Services Librarian and Public Services Librarian
Texas A&M, Doha, Qatar

Sarah P’s comments: The Tech Services position was advertised last September. Not sure why it was not filled. I have watched the development of Doha’s Education City since its inception in 2002. Jobs regularly appear and are filled but the process is vague and the length of time to hire very slow. Salaries are good although recently the cost of living has been rising and the country has been trending toward beco Deming conservative, for example, cutting off liquor licenses for some establishments, increasing the segregation of men from women, etc.  If you are interested in the Middle East, however, these are cultural differences you need to be willing to accept. Qatar is a stable country with a good safety record however if you want to have come genuine cultural interactions you will need to go camping out of the city, visit the desert in the UAE (Saudi is better but generally off-limits), and/or visit Oman, a must-see country for anyone visiting or living in the region.

Texas A&M Qatar Campus Fact Sheet

Article about Texas A&M Qatar discussing coed education (2012)

Glassdoor Reviews


We are seeking to fill two positions at the moment – excellent communication skills a must!  Work experience in an academic environment (science/technology) would also help. For details please see these postings:

Job Description: Technical Services Librarian

Job Description: Public Services Librarian

Adam E. Cath
Library Director
Texas A&M University at Qatar  |


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