News: Follow a Volunteer Librarian

1.27.16 –  Follow a Volunteer Librarian…

Sarah P’s comments:  Over a year ago I posted a volunteer librarian opportunity in a small library in Roatan, Honduras.  Pro-active librarian Cate Carlyle pursued this opportunity and, though it has taken her time to work out the details, she stuck with it and is now about to travel down for a week in February.  I was hoping to be able to accompany her but, as I am still a working librarian and active mother, sadly won’t be able to, at least time…So, I, like many others, will take this opportunity to live vicariously.  I am also hoping that her review of her experience will pave the way for others to be able to commit to volunteering as well.  In the meantime, here is Cate’s Fundrazr page, which I hope readers will visit and, as I already have, contribute to her worthy cause.

From Cate:

I will soon be traveling to the Sandcastle Library in Roatan, Honduras to help train library staff, create literacy kits for the library and bookmobile, and assist with collection organization and classification. The library is overseen by the NGO Partners in Education Roatan (PIER) which is dedicated to improving education and quality of life for the Roatan people.

I will be paying  my own way and taking personal time from work to volunteer as advocating for libraries and providing access to library services in order to improve quality of life for EVERYONE are very important to me.

We are very privileged to live in North America and to have access to excellent libraries, information services, reading materials, tehcnology and schools. Please help me to  improve access for those less fortunate, one library at a time!

Sand Castle Library




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