Hiring Fair: ISS (School Librarians)

1/3/15 – ISS Hiring Fair for School Librarians
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Sarah P’s comments: International School Services (ISS) is one of the large recruiting agencies for international educators including librarians.  They offer a range of hiring fairs as well as online fairs and you must pay a fee to join. ISS recruits for their managed schools as well as other schools.  The general consensus is that the schools they manage, particularly in China, are inferior, however they can be an opportunity for you to break-in to the international circuit.  Please see my book for further information.


If you’re ready for an exciting new position overseas, join ISS at our Atlanta recruitment conference, February 1015, 2016.

Quick Facts: ISS Atlanta Conference

Over 100 schools registered to attend

Over 1,530 open positions in all subject areas
You must be an active candidate with ISS to attend these events. A candidate application takes 2 – 10 days to process, depending on receipt of confidential references, so please plan accordingly. Please know that our job fairs are available to all active candidates – no invitation needed to register!  If you don’t have an active ISS account, email us to get started.

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