Job: Galapagos Islands Librarian

12/29/15 — Galapagos Islands Librarian
Charles Darwin Research Station, Galapagos Islands, Santa Cruz, Puerto Ayora, Ecuador

12/30/15 update:

Sarah P’s comments: Last night I posted this position as a volunteer job which this library offers in addition to a new full-time librarian position.  Previously this position has always been volunteer but last year, with the completion of a new library, they advertised for a paid full-time librarian, local preferred.  I am not sure whether this position was never filled.

Thank you David for writing to correct me.  I assumed the listed position was the volunteer one…which proves I should never post at night after a long day…

Info about the volunteer position: a unique six-month volunteer position which offers a chance to visit an off-the-track place.  I included this in the ‘Other Opportunities‘ section of my book as it is one I have watched for many years. However last year CDF completed building a  new library and were advertising for a full-time (local) librarian so I was concerned they were doing away with this opportunity  but since this is the second time they had advertised the volunteer position (last time 8/15) it would seem they are going continuing. It is really a cataloguing opportunity for those who speak Spanish well enough to converse and write and who have KOHA experience.  FYI: International volunteers are responsible for paying their own travel costs, living expenses, and medical insurance. Lodging at the Research Station may be available for rental. Valid life & health insurance certification is required.
Blog post from a Canadian Volunteer Librarian

Note: Ecuadorian labor law and the Special Law for Galapagos require CDF to prioritize the employment of suitably qualified Galapagos residents and Ecuadorian nationals.

G.T. Corley Smith is a small library, which serves research scientists,researchers and local and international visitors. Contains ~ 6000 monographs, and hundreds of theses, reports and magazines print titles, ~ 20,000 reprints and an archive collection of documents, photographs, slides and CDF Publications. The library catalog is built with Koha software. The librarian will be considered a senior staff position within the institution and will have administrative responsibilities including regular staff meetings, budgeting and project management, and attracting resources on a regular basis to ensure that the library work and the larger “knowledge management” work is successful throughout the CDF.

Closing Date:  January 15, 2015

To find out more, please see the pdf.

2 thoughts on “Job: Galapagos Islands Librarian

  1. I could not find anywhere in the advertisement where it says this is a volunteer position. It is listed under jobs and even described as a “senior staff position” in the pdf. Furthermore, the blog post does not refer to the position as volunteer. Any more details about this position? Thank you.


    • Hi David,
      Thanks for writing to correct me and proves I shouldn’t rush. I did dome further research this morning and corrected the posting. Here’s what I know: this was previously only a volunteer position however last year CDF completed a new library and advertised for a full-time librarian, local preferred. I wrote to inquire whether they were doing away with the volunteer position but did not receive a reply. Then last August CDF posted the volunteer position so I assumed they were continuing with the volunteer job, which is mainly cataloguing, in addition to the full-time librarian position. I am not sure whether they ever filled the full-time position. The advert does not say it is restricted to Ecuadorians, only that this is preferred so I believe it is open for all. I will write to inquire, let’s see if they reply. It is always preferable if they do because it saves everyone time and energy.


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