Job: Elementary and Middle School Librarian/Literacy Coach

11/24/15 –  Elementary and Middle School Librarian/Literacy Coach
American International School of Johannesburg, Pretoria, South Africa

Sarah P’s comments: Librarian and literacy coach all in one?  I would ask some questions to ensure the job description is doable. Also, they are requiring teacher certification and only preferring a MLIS, a sad commentary on how librarians are often regarded in schools. AISJ also has a high school position open. Overall, it is a well-established school with a good reputation. Reviews of the latest director show an improvement over the last. Jo’burg does have crime however South Africa is a beautiful country.


The AISJ staff is fully involved in utilizing the reading and writing workshop best practices for teaching literacy
and staff utilizes the UbD model to capture units of inquiry. The AISJ Pretoria literacy coach/librarian will be
expected to support the classroom teachers in the elementary school and the Language Arts teachers in the
Middle School in this this endeavor. Examples of collaborative interactions include projecting reading and writing
units, reflecting on units and facilitating the on-going development of classroom libraries. In terms of the librarian responsibilities collaboration with teachers in Grades Pre-K to Grade 8 in effective use of the library as a teaching and learning center is an expectation. Utilizing the library as a professional development resource is also a focus. The librarian is in a unique position to work to ensure that all staff are effective and ethical users of ideas and information.
The school literacy coach/librarian position presents a range of opportunities to work with students, parents and teaching staff in literacy practices, children’s literature, information literacy, and the development and implementation of conceptually based units of inquiry.
• The librarian/literacy coach should have:
K–8 teaching certification and, at minimum, a Bachelor’s Degree in Education
• Additional coursework or specialization in literacy, children’s literature, information literacy, and/or curriculum design
• Demonstrated ability to provide instructional leadership with and to the different members of a school community in reading and writing workshop best practices
• Experience training colleagues in the implementation and interpretation of a variety of assessments including
Running Records and Developmental Reading Assessment II, to colleagues
• Experience with library systems such as Destiny
• Strong technical skills both in terms of library systems and technology as a tool for teaching and learning
• Recent professional development in various areas related to development of Elementary and Middle School students
• 5 years or more of experience in working with a range of grade levels and two years of overseas experience
• Experience as a teacher-leader and with curriculum committees and/or implementation of curriculum is critical
• Experience with UbD or IB PYP/MYP in developing and implementing conceptually based inquiry unit
• School Librarian certification
Masters in library sciences, literacy or curriculum
• Proven ability to work in a multi-cultural, internationally-minded environment
• Experience with NETS information literacy standards
• Experience in developing workshops for colleagues and parents in the relevant areas of expertise
• Effective communication skills
• Positive attitude
• Ability to establish and grow collaborative working relationships
• Strategic, receptive, flexible
• Strong organizational ability and initiative
• Follows through on decisions
• To research, model and teach literacy methods for Elementary School classrooms and Middle School Language Arts teachers
• To facilitate projection of and reflection on reading and writing units
• To maintain and develop the library facility and collection so that it is current, complements classroom libraries and offers a range of materials to readers
• To collaborate with the other campus librarians to create an effective and cohesive school library system
• To collaborate with classroom teachers to develop effective balanced literacy programs and to ensure that the library complements and supports balanced literacy programs Pre-K to Grade 8
• To work with whole class, individual students and small groups in the library
• To be a source of ideas, practical tips, inspiration, and energy for teachers in their unit development
• To find materials and resources for classroom teachers to support their classroom units
• To participate in all-school, team, and grade level unit development meetings
• To work with classroom teachers and specialists to integrate information literacy standards into the existing curriculum and assessments
• To work with teachers to develop a common understanding of the potential of the library to support, extend and enrich learning
Teaching a Middle School Elective such as Media Studies may be part of the work load
7:10 am to 3:30 pm Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and 7:10 am to 4:00 pm on Wednesdays
Occasional weekend or evening work for presentations etc. will be required
For more information contact the Pretoria School Principal, Rachel Caldwell at

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