Jobs: School Librarians (4)

11/2/15 –  School Librarians (4)
TESConnect, Singapore/Hong Kong/Saudi Arabia/Egypt

Sarah P’s comments: For librarians looking to work internationally, school positions offer the most opportunities in the widest range of locations.  Fall is the start of the recruiting season for the following year.  US international schools tend to require certification as well as a MLIS and school experience while British schools tend to focus on the MLIS and experience, preferably with either the IB and/or British National Curriculum.  For more details about the process and opportunities please refer to my book and or my Resources page.

Here are four recent postings on TESConnect, a site where many British international schools advertise positions:

Head Librarian – Whole College Position, Cairo

Junior School Librarian, Singapore

Senior School Librarian, Singapore

Teacher Librarian, Hong Kong





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