Job: Librarian

10/28/15 –  Librarian
The College of Fashion and Design, Dubai, UAE

Sarah P’s comments:  I believe this is a new college as they state they are not yet accredited, their website is only one page, and there are no reviews or information I can find.  Dubai is crazy and overcrowded but interesting if you haven’t been there.

Institution CFD is a non-federal four-year institution of higher education located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The college prepares students for a successful baccalaureate degree in Fashion Business Management and Fashion Design. CFD has been accorded Initial Licensure by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, UAE, while the programs are presently under review and are yet to be accorded accreditation.

Responsibilities: The Librarian, as a part of the administrative staff of the College, will be directly responsible to the Dean In fulfilling the duties of Department, the Librarian will act within the administrative framework of College. The Librarian plans, administers, and evaluates all Libraries and learning resource programs of the College, thus providing facilities, materials, staff, and services to meet the informational and instructional needs of the academic community and the College as a whole.

The Librarian will be authorized and directed to:

  • Further the interests of the College ;
  • Recommend an annual budget for the support of learning resources;
  • Organize and guide staff as they work with faculty and students to provide an optimum environment for learning;
  • Plan, direct, and integrate learning resource services and programs and policies so as to promote fulfillment of the College’s missions and goals;
  • Approve division requisitions and purchase orders for supplies and equipment;
  • Serve as consultant in instructional services, instructional technologies, and informational delivery systems to College and community;
  • Act as advocate for the libraries with the administration, faculty, staff, and students;
  • Recruit and develop a staff of capable, thorough, and service-oriented persons;
  • Be active in the library profession on behalf of the college and the library;
  • Provide for the annual review of purpose, objectives, and goals of the library;
  • Attend departmental staff meetings upon a department’s request;
  • Conduct research in library management and in the general field of librarianship in order to deal more effectively with administrative issues and to conduct an annual review of this process;
  • Serve as liaison between the learning resources/ libraries division and other divisions of instruction and administration;
  • Serve as advisor and consultant to the Dean.

Minimum Qualifications

  • A Master’s degree in Library or Information Science from an accredited university.
  • A minimum of five (5) years of progressively responsible leadership and supervision in an academic library environment.
Salary: $45,000 to $50,000 USD Per Year
Special Instructions to Applicants:
Applicants for faculty positions should send their expression of interest along with profile and all other documentation to by Thursday, November 13, 2015.Required Documents
1. Resume/CV
2. Cover Letter
3. Passport Copy
4. Passport Photograph
5. Three references

Application Information

Postal Address:
Dr.Sarita Sahni
President’s Office
College of Fashion and Design
P.O.Box 114973
Dubai , United Arab Emirates
 Phone: +97150 6310 299
 Email Address:

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