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10/15/15 – A Maze of Moments  by Sarah P. Gibson

Dear Readers,

This blog is now two years old and continues to grow each month – thank you for reading and I hope it is helpful.  As you all know this blog is devoted to promoting International Librarianship and I generally keep my posts focused on job and industry news.  However, fourteen years of international living in nine different countries, including being evacuated from Libya, cannot help but leave me with feeling I want to share some of my experiences.  The question was how?

Well, it has turned out to be a novel which I have just completed and created a separate blog for. I am sharing this link here because the story is about an American teen named Ethel who travels with her father (a librarian) around the world.  Although it is fiction, much of this story is based on true experience which I hope helps make it authentic.

My other reason for writing it is that I have not found many stories which deal with the world of expat living, Global Nomads or TCK’s and, as with this blog,  I hope the story will help others to try this lifestyle. It is both my belief and experience that the kindness of strangers does still prevail in this troubled world.

If anyone would care to read and comment good or bad (but please use constructive criticism) I would appreciate it as it help to make a better story…

A Maze of Moments

by Sarah P. Gibson

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