Organizations: About IFLA

9/28/15 –  For anyone interested in International Librarianship, IFLA is the United Nations of libraries. IFLA, which stands for The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions, is the ‘global voice’ of the library and information profession worldwide. The organization was founded in 1927, currently has over 1500 Members in approximately 150 countries around the world, and is headquartered at The Royal Library, the national library of the Netherlands, in The Hague.

To be honest, I have followed IFLA’s activities for many years but not participated partly because they were very ‘white-paper’ based and partly because of the expense of traveling to their conferences. However, in recent years I have noted they are becoming much more hands-on and I they are collaborating more with organizations such as ALA.  For example here is here is the latest news supplement.

FYI: They also maintain  a very useful international jobs list (LIBJOBS).


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