Internship: Development & Fundraising

9/16/15 –  Development & Fundraising Internship
Bibliobooks, Asheville, NC, USA

Sarah P’s comments: This opportunity is in the US however would be a good opportunity for anyone seeking an entry into NGO work.  Biblioworks also needs library volunteers in Bolivia. Here is the blurb from my book:

Biblioworks is a non-profit which, since 2005, has been promoting education and literacy in communities in need in Bolivia. One of their missions is to build libraries, supply books, and train librarians and to date they have created eleven libraries. Volunteers do everything from painting libraries to writing grants and may work onsite at a rural library or in the central office in Sucre. Biblioworks also encourages volunteers to design and implement their own projects – a great opportunity for librarians!


Development & Fundraising Internship Opportunity:

This position provides the opportunity to gain a working understanding of the main aspects of Biblioworks’ operations and support the organization toachieveits goals. The intern provides essential administrative support to the Treasurer and the board of directors, connecting them with onsite staff in Bolivia. The major responsibilities are to ensure clear, timely and efficient communications between staff in Bolivia and the board of directors, to implement an ongoing email fundraising campaign, to improve communication with the public through our website and social media channels, and to ensure that key strategic initiatives in connecting the work in Bolivia with the community in Asheville have the administrative and analytical support required.

•Organize, schedule and document key boarding director meetings and calls under the guidance of the organization’s treasurer or president.

•Implement and manage and ongoing email fundraising campaign

•Work with staff in Bolivia to produce and disseminate regular updates about BiblioWorks projects and activities via the website, email and social media.
•Support the organization and execution of the end of the year fund-rising event in Asheville.

•Provide administrative support. Prepare dissemination plan chart and work with teams to populate and track.
•Pro-actively identify and leverage areas of learning work.
•Ensure that technical pieces on the website are up-to-date and meet organizational criteria for public documents.
•Revise thought leadership documents, including strategies, workplans, product dissemination plans as needed. Prepare workflow charts for key initiatives and/or events.
•Collaborate closely with the Team to keep calendar of events, major speaking opportunities and unplanned opportunities carefully coordinated.
•Lead on organizing logistics for the annual planning process and other key events with agency strategic importance.

•Ensure that the Internship position continues in future years. Coordinate with SIT graduate Institute and other universities, colleges or schools to search for intern.

• report directly to Biblioworks treasurer and Board of directors.
Works directly with: Onsite team in Bolivia, board of directors members.

This position is based in Asheville, NC. Biblioworks members represent the organization both during and outside of work hours, they are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner and respect local laws, customs and policies.

How to apply:

Send your CV and a cover letter to

Contact us at 802-380-5856

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