Job: Temporary Assistant Librarian (6 months contract)

9/4/15 –  Temporary Assistant Librarian (6 months contract)
Yale-NUS College, Singapore

Sarah P’s comments:  This position is “open to locals as well as international candidates currently holding a dependent pass in Singapore“.  I know this because, after reading about the position on ILFA-Jobs, I wrote to the person who posted it asking for clarification.  I am glad she replied because having this information will help librarians to know whether to apply or not. One of my pet peeves is that the people posting these positions do not regularly include this information.  They should because it would help everyone involved;  librarians applying as well as HR personnel receiving applications.  Yet another reason I write this blog…

FYI: Yale-NUS recently posted a full-time position for a Senior Librarian which is open to international candidates.


Yale-NUS College seeks an energetic, service-oriented individual to process orders for books and materials, process interlibrary loan requests, coordinate document delivery and manage placement of books, chapters and articles on the reserve system. He/She will assist librarians with online systems work as well as helping users at the circulation desk, performs loans, returns, hold requests and fills.

The duties include:

  • Order and receive books, videos and other materials, both for the permanent collection and for interlibrary loan, document delivery and course reserves services
  • Assist in processing interlibrary loan and document delivery requests
  • Process requests for course reserves electronically and in by adding print materials to the Library’s Reserve Books/Readings collection
  • Order new materials and remove and return materials as required
  • Assist in ensuring that document delivery and electronic reserves transactions are compliant with copyright law
  • Coordinate with faculty, students, staff, vendors, libraries and other institutions and help to manage the distribution and retrieval of borrowed materials
  • Maintain a procedure manual and statistical records
  • Provide service desk coverage, including help with databases and other web-based resources
  • Assists in locating and using books in the collection
  • Perform basic administrative tasks and other duties as required


  • Bachelor or Diploma qualifications
  • Experience in Library will be preferred
  • Independent, meticulous, possess good working attitude and interpersonal skills

To apply, please submit your resume and cover letter to

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.


2 thoughts on “Job: Temporary Assistant Librarian (6 months contract)

  1. I am ravinder I just want to say I applied many times to NUS, they are not even acknowledging or replying. Currently I am staying (work visa) in Singapore having International Degree and good experience in reputed International organizations. The thing is these people are preferring only LOCALS for ALL the positions. I even visited their libraries, you dont find not even single person from abroad.
    I don’t know why they are advertising in International Lib. forums like.LIBJOBS. etc.


    • Dear Ravinder, Thanks for sharing. FYI: I wrote to Yale-NUS and as part of their reply they stated they are now aware that, when sharing on international joblists such as IFLAjobs, they need to specify who is eligible to apply. It saves time and frustration for all concerned.


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