Job: Virtual Researcher

7/26/15 –  Virtual Researcher
Wonder Library, Work Remotely, USA

Sarah P’s comments:  Interesting concept, not sure whether the pay is feasible for the work.  No reviews yet…


Status: Contract
Deadline: 7/26/15

 Wonder ( is a fast-growing Internet company committed to making online research more accessible to those who need it. We want to employ excellent, seasoned researchers who can efficiently track down the highest quality resources across the web and explain the results to our users in a personable, human way. Check out our feature in Library Journal for more on what we’re up to.

Wonder is a global on-demand research network. Here’s a bit more about how it works: users submit questions about a topic they’re interested in learning more about. This question then gets listed on a central dashboard, from which our researchers can claim it. The researcher’s job is then to find the absolute best content (articles, videos, images, etc.) that help explain the topic, and formulate a rich, written summary of insights.

The best researchers will have a wide breadth of knowledge and specific expertise in several subjects, with an equal penchant for diving into uncharted territory and swiftly becoming an authority. Because many of our users depend on hard data to make decisions, quantitative proficiency is preferred. You not only know how to extract and validate hard stats, but can calculate some of your own on the fly if need be. Previous experience working in a research-intensive role is a definite plus, though not required. Most of all, our researchers are all problem solvers with a sense of imagination that helps them dig deep and find meaningful intelligence.

Our users ask tough questions that can’t be answered with cursory Googling. For example:

  • “What percentage of doctor visits are “house calls” vs. visits to the doctor’s office? What is the total size of the “house call” market in the US today?
  • “What did the French colonial troops do when they were sent to China during the Boxer Rebellion – were they engaged in combat? Did they serve as a peacekeeping force?“
  • ”How much do elected officials (senators, representatives, the president) spend each election cycle on public opinion polls, specifically on millennials’ opinions?”

For each search you claim, you’ll be tasked with finding 5+ links to high-quality sources, and writing a rich summary directly answering the user’s query while adding any insights you gleaned along the way.

We pay $8-16 for each research question you respond to, rate variable depending upon the difficulty of the question.


  • Global community of librarians, professors, scientists, and other expert researchers
  • Work from anywhere, and on your own schedule
  • No fixed hours
  • Be as active as you’d like


  • A discerning eye for quality content
  • Strong general knowledge paired with several areas of expertise  
  • Command of the English language and strong/grammatical writing a must
  • Ability to create lean, high-level, often quantitative summaries directly answering users’ questions
  • Critical analysis, logical reasoning skills
  • Keen attention to details
  • Understanding of basic economics (knowledge of markets a huge plus)
  • Bonus: those with a narrow, deep understanding of a STEM field/prior study in a technical subject are also encouraged to apply

How to Apply:

To apply, please continue to our online application available here:

In this application, we have a few basic questions for you about your background and availability, followed by two trial research requests, intended to give you a sense for what to expect, and give us an opportunity to better determine if it’s a fit. Our users demand a lot from us, so these questions are tough and our QA team, which reviews your application, will be looking for something very specific.

We’ll give you two trial searches to test your mettle before making a decision about whether to bring you aboard. Please reach out to with any questions.




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