Job: e-Learning Consultant

6/25/15 –  e-Learning Consultant
The Kaizen Company, Washington, D.C. USA (position located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

Sarah P’s comments:  This position is not labeled ‘librarian’ but involves many of our skills and education.  This is a small, fairly new NGO however there are two positive Glassdoor reviews as well as a short promotional video on YouTube.



The Kaizen Company ( soliciting applications for the position of E-learning consultant for the USAID-Local Capacity Development (LCD) project.

Job description

Under the general direction of senior staff of the company, consultant will be responsible for providing support to the LCD project office and program operations. However, the majority (80%) of his/her time will be spent working on developing E-learning tools.

Mainly the consultant will work with our technical team to convert their management presentations into e-templates and e-trainings, which will make up LCD’s e-learning library of support offerings. This is one of the major project that LCD want to work in-depth and capture the valuable documents produced so far through its specialists.

USAID has recently approved LCD’s initiative to take a ‘flip the classroom’ approach in the provision of trainings, and the creation of an e-learning library consisting of e-training videos, short e-tests, and other e-tools and templates (e.g. how-to guides, templates with instructions)  to meet this objective.

This is to provide our partner organizations access to online tutorials and be able to:

1. Learn about different (mostly management) topics by watching short video presentations or filling out templates prior to attending in-person trainings or receiving technical assistance.

2. Refer back to the online training materials and use them as a reference whenever needed.

3. Share these e-trainings with a greater number of their colleagues, both at their home office and field locations

4. Request LCD for further guidance on the topics after watching these online materials on their own.

The consultant will also assist in ensuring LCD team engagements with partners and clients are recorded and updated in LCD data base continuously and timely and other areas related to communications and project implementation, and responding to a wide array of routine tasks and requests related to program management and implementation.

Tasks Related to Accomplishing the Objectives

The Consultant shall use his/her education, considerable experience, and additional understanding gleaned from the tasks specified in section A above to:

  • Establish standard, branded formats and guidelines for each e-resource type
  • In consultation with LCD staff members, identify & propose a suitable and effective way of recording the training materials on a video format.
  • Work closely with LCD team members convert the training materials produced by LCD to online video tutorials.
  • Establish a pipeline and systems for identifying, prioritizing, and creating subsequent e-tools at reasonable cost


The Consultant shall have the following minimum qualifications to be considered for this consultancy:

Educational and Work Experience Qualifications

  • BA degree, preferably in Management, Communications, Information Technology, or on related area
  • 2+  years of experience in e-learning, e-video creation or other highly  relevant area
  • Proficiency in English.
  • Proficiency in computer skill more than MS office application is required.


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