Job: Technical/Vocational School Librarian

6/17/15 –  Technical/Vocational School Librarian
ADVETI, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Sarah P’s comments:  The UAE has recently taken the unprecedented step of outsourcing ALL their K-12 and vocational training which means that foreigners are being brought in to manage and teach their schools.  Why this step has been taken could be the subject of a book however the short story is that they at first tried to teach their own teachers but this has basically failed because, in my opinion, there are far more lucrative and easier jobs for nationals.

Therefore, ads periodically appear for librarians on job sites posted by Teach Away who recruits both for ADEC (Abu Dhabi Educational Council) as well as ADVETI (Abu Dhabi Vocational Education & Training Institute). ADEC is in charge of the K-12 schools whose librarians are normally hired locally.  I have heard from several colleagues that while their libraries do have an ILS (Follett) no one knows how to use it. This situation might be changing however as I notice that ADEC now has a section on their website called ‘Library Upgrade Project‘.

I recently ran into a librarian who had recently worked for ADVETI for two years and she shared some insights about her experience:

Hiring Process:  can be long and frustrating and don’t bank on anything until the contract is signed. Delays and problems have happened to many colleagues. (Sarah: at this time of year however the process will usually be quicker due to an August start date.)

Job & Benefits:  Contracts are for two years and pay and benefits are good.  Libraries in general however are not seen as critical to the mission of the school in the eyes of the administrators in charge.  Therefore, your program, even if successful, may be cut (as happened to this librarian) and/or you may be transferred.  Be careful if you have a teaching degree because there is a large chance you will be asked to teach instead, or in addition to, your librarian duties.  Your success and happiness somewhat depends on which school you are assigned to as there are both good and bad administrators and work situations.

Overall, this could be an opportunity worth pursuing if you understand the benefits as well as the pitfalls.  UAE remains a stable and safe country and is culturally very open due to the fact only 11% of the country are Emiratis!*  This means that you will be speaking English as it is the common language however it also means that you will not be seeing much of Arabic culture unless you venture into the desert.  It also means that you will encounter some nationals who feel a sense of entitlement and who, having been raised in this climate, will see you are there but to serve them.

(* UAE Population by Nationality)


Teaching Job Description

Teach in Abu Dhabi!  Teach Away is hiring for Librarian positions at a highly esteemed vocational and training institute in the UAE.

This institute offers top resources to staff and students, in addition to a wide variety of certificate and diploma programs, while focusing on integrating career and technological training with a rigorous academic curriculum.

Successful candidates for this opportunity must possess a degree in a relevant subject field, and at least 3 years of experience teaching English at the middle/high school level. Experience working within the Gulf region is also an asset. Successful candidates will be dedicated, flexible, and able to work both independently and as part of a team.

Teaching Job Benefits

Accommodation: Subsidized
Airfare Reimbursement: Full
Airfare Description: Return airfare provided for teacher, spouse, and up to 3 dependent children
Vacation: Summer vacation; national holidays
Health Insurance Provided: Yes
Health insurance Description: Family medical insurance provided
Education Allowance Provided: Yes
Education Allowance Description: Tuition allowance for dependents provided

Qualifications & Requirements

Preferred Certificates: Teaching Credential/License
Level of Education Required: Bachelor
Major: Library Science
Teaching Experience: Minimum 3 years of teaching experience
Additional Requirements: Experience in the Gulf region an asset; Master’s degree preferred

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