Job: High School Librarian

6/12/15 – High School Librarian
The American School Foundation, Mexico City, Mexico



US Librarian

The dean of students/house dean must establish policies and procedures for the operation of the library program consistent with the ASF mission and the IB program needs. S/he facilitates the acquisition and usage of a wide variety of educational materials. Working as a support to the teaching staff, researches and collects items appropriate to the division’s programs and demonstrates the use of materials in the classrooms.

Required Qualifications:
• Master’s in Library Science.
Bilingual, English and Spanish

Preferred Qualifications:
• Teaching experience
• Preferred IB experience.
• Knowledge of current student practices.
• Knowledge of data base management.

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Knowledgeable about library issues/technology and consistently uses that understanding.
• Take advantage of opportunities to learn new skills related to the library and applies most of them.
• Draw from a repertoire of strategies and effectively adapts them to fit the instructional context.
• Use technology to enhance the library and keeps abreast of how technology can be used to enhance instruction.

Library Management & Organization
• Physical environment consistently accommodates learning activities.
• Consistent understanding of time management, library routine, and behavioral expectations are conducive to student learning.
• Planning is consistently reflective of smooth operation in librarian’s absence.
• Assistants and volunteers are consistently trained and utilized.
• Maintain accurate library database and consistently corrects errors.
• Develop and implement budget in an effective manner.
• Implement policy regarding lost/overdue materials

Working Effectively with Students
• Facilitate use of library when not in use for classes.
• Provide information literacy skills to all students.
• Use technology with students to enhance student learning.
• Promote literacy in a variety of ways.
• Have respectful interactions with librarian and look forward to their time in the library.

Working Effectively with Colleagues
• Enhance the education program in the division.
• Approachable and effectively responsive to colleagues.
• Use and share materials and resources to support the division’s and classroom curriculum.
• Provide colleagues with classroom as well as general support for instructional technology.

Collection Development/Curriculum Support
• Plan for and responds to curricular needs.
• Evaluate the library collection, conducts inventory, and weeds the collection.
• Acquire materials that are appropriate for all students that impacts student learning.

Community/Parent Partnerships
• Promote school/community partnerships.
• Promote use of the library by school-community groups, and supports programs for reading, i.e. Books and Beyond, Battle of the Books, book displays, bookmarks, etc.
• Available to support parents with concerns.
• Volunteers are recruited regularly. Assistants work efficiently.
• Contact parents regarding lost/overdue materials.

Professional Responsibilities
• Willing to participate beyond the academic program, is punctual and reliable with paperwork, duties, and assignments; keeps accurate records.
• Demonstrate professional demeanor and maintain appropriate boundaries.
• Ethical and above-board, use good judgment, and maintain confidentiality with student records.
• Collaborate with colleagues to plan units, share teaching ideas, and look at student work.
• Seek out effective teaching ideas from colleagues, workshops, and other sources and implement them well.

Reports to: Division Head

Application Procedure: Interested and qualified candidates must submit a 1) résumé, 2) cover letter that includes educational philosophy, (3) an ASF employment application (fill in at the ASF Application Requirements included in the ASF employment section). 4) Copy of administrative credential and transcripts. Please submit all information electronically as a single PDF attachment.

Age Restrictions:  Yes

Age Limit:  60

Additional materials:

Apply directly to


Process will be:
paper screening
skype or in-person screening
finalist(s) to panel


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