Job: School Librarian (2)

6/11/15 – School Librarian (St. Croix & St. Thomas/St. John)
U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Education, St. Croix & St. Thomas/St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands

Sarah P’s comments:  Once a year on average the U.S. Virgin Islands Schools advertise their open positions.  This year there are two librarian positions listed.  These positions are not restricted to U.S. citizens although you will need to be certified.


School Librarian Certification Requirements

This certificate is required for anyone serving in the employ of the Department of Education as a school librarian.

Professional Educator Class II Certificate Requirements (valid for five years and renewable every five years with special requirements)

On and after August 7, 2003 to receive a Professional Educator Class II Certificate to serve as a school librarian, an applicant shall present evidence of meeting the following requirements:

  1. Has completed a minimum of 30 school months of successful service as a school librarian or as a teacher at the elementary or secondary level;
  2. Has completed, as part or in addition to the master’s degree, a minimum of 36 semester hours of graduate credits at an approved and/or accredited institution or institutions in library science classes and related areas designed to strengthen the skills and knowledge needed in the area of library science;
  3. Has completed a minimum of 6 semester hours in child and adolescent psychology:
  4. Has completed a minimum of one introductory course in special education; and
  5. Has completed all required assessments

Invitation To Apply

The U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Education extends an invitation to you to apply for a position among our ranks. An attractive employment plan (combination of compensation, insurance benefits, and retirement benefits) is available to all employees. The territory, because of its location and cultural mix, has a lot to offer. Where else can an individual be exposed to a wide array of cultures and races, on a daily basis, and still retain the rights and privileges of the United States? We invite you to contact the Office of Human Resources concerning the opportunities that exist in the U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Education.

How to Apply

Download an application from this website (choose from the menu above), then print and fill it out, and mail it in to the addresses provided in the homepage. You can also call or write to us requesting that we mail an application packet to you;

Return completed package with the following supporting documents:

  • Official transcripts from all college (s)/university (ies) attended (sent directly from the college (s)/university (ies) to our office, not student copies);
  • Praxis I (Academic Assessment) scores or Praxis II (Subject Assessment) scores;
  • Verification of prior teaching experience  (if applicable);
  • Professional reference from three persons who have supervised your work or are familiar with your work.
  • Criminal background check;
  • Proof of citizenship;
  • Authorization for Employment History Investigation; You can use this form to request that information.
  • Physician’s statement of good health

**If you are not a U.S. citizen, do not mail us an application packet directly, you need to work through an international staffing agency (visit the Links page for more information)**

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