News: International School Librarian Job Fairs Update

5/23/15 –  By far the most positions available overseas for librarians are found in international schools of which there are all types and sizes.  If you have experience in this area or think you might enjoy this for a few years in order to gain international experience it is possible to so do if you have an MLIS.  School media certification is generally required however if you can show you are working your way toward certification then some schools will hire you.  It usually depends on supply and demand as well as whether the school is undergoing re-accreditation.

If you have an MLIS but no education experience you can try the Search Associates internship program (scroll down to bottom of page) which places you in a school for one year and you are mentored.  You receive all the benefits of regular staff with the exception that your pay is less.  This is another good way to get your foot in the door of the international world.

Finally, the hiring season for international schools used to be in the spring.  Online recruiting and demand for candidates has now moved the season forward to begin in mid-fall so if you are interested in this avenue you will need to contact agencies and/or place your resume on TIE by September.

For more information about this process please read Chapter 3 of my book,and check out the links provided in the Book Resources area of this blog.

Here are two articles I just read about the earlier recruiting fairs:

New Search Associates Toronto Fair Dates Allow Earlier Recruiting

List of ISS Recruiting Fairs


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