Travel: Delegation to Vietnam & Cambodia

5/14/15 –  Delegation to Vietnam & Cambodia

Sarah P’s comments:  I originally posted this travel opportunity on 3/23.  Librarian travel trips seem to be the new thing so I have added ‘travel’ as a new category. People to People  is a worthy organization and an opportunity to gain some international exposure and meet other traveling professional however please know that the cost for this program is $5,799.00 per person.  Last fall they offered a trip to India which received good reviews.  Here’s a letter from the delegation leader for this trip:


SUBJECT: Still considering Vietnam and Cambodia? Here’s why you need to join me!

As delegation leader for our upcoming journey to Vietnam and Cambodia, I would like to pass along to you what I hope to get out of our trip. As you consider being part of this delegation, know that our team will experience a lot and bring back memories for a lifetime. 

I have enjoyed international travel and interacting with other cultures since I was a Peace Corps. I have found that travel that relates to my passion about and work with libraries is especially meaningful and memorable.  I first traveled with People to People in 1985 when I went to China as a member of a group of library and information professionals.  It was the trip of a lifetime and led me to greater interest in international libraries and travel and gave me new insights into my work in academic and public libraries in the U.S.

I have had the opportunity to travel to countries around the world as part of the work I did at the Mortenson Center for International Library Programs at the University of Illinois.  From this experience I know that librarians around the world want to learn more about U.S. libraries and welcome international visitors and the opportunity to share ideas.  Libraries in Asia are particularly interesting at this time since they are developing to meet the information needs of their changing communities.

Traveling to both Vietnam and Cambodia will make this trip even more memorable since we will be able to compare and contrast libraries in the two countries.  I have been to Vietnam several times in a professional role and been impressed with the commitment of librarians to the work they are doing.  It is a dynamic country where citizens are increasingly understanding the power of information and libraries.  It will be interesting to return with a group of colleagues where we can share our experiences and learn from Vietnamese colleagues and one another. I very much look forward to visiting and learning about libraries and culture in Cambodia.

People to People provides a wonderful combination of professional interaction and cultural experiences. With strong international contacts, People to People is able to set up a unique program that provides insights into other cultures. In addition to libraries, I look forward to experiencing Angkor Wat which is a UNESCO world heritage center and a site of great interest to people around the world.  You can find additional information about the delegation at or email me at

 Call 877.787.2000 to join us! You will not regret it.

Barbara J. Ford

Distinguished Professor Emerita

Mortenson Center for International Library Programs

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library

305 W. University Avenue #2

Champaign, Illinois 61820 USA

Phone: +1-217-377-9472



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