News: Italian Historical Library Tour

5/3/15 –  Italian Historical Library Tour

Sarah P’s comments:  There are lots of library tours appearing lately…it appears to be a growing trend.  This one, sponsored by Turin Education Consortium (TEC), is appealing because if offers multiple dates and who doesn’t love Italy!


Educational trip: Italian Library Tour
Where: Turin and Venice, Northern Italy.
Trip focus: Historical libraries in Italy: an overview on conservation and management procedures of historical libraries in Turin and Venice.
Dates: October 10-21; November 7-17 – 2015 March 12-22 – 2016 (upon demand, the tour can be offered on other dates as well)
Appropriate for: librarians, archivists, history professors, MLIS students and calligraphers
Duration: 10 days.
Purpose of the tour: introduction to the management aspects of historical libraries in Italy through in-depth conservation and visits to the back-stage of some of the best known historical libraries in Turin and Venice.

Guests on the Library Tour will have a unique opportunity to peer into rare volumes tucked away in nooks and crannies of historical libraries. As technology leads towards paperless libraries, guests will delight to re-discover the heft of pergamum and paper in books painstakingly crafted and hand-bound. One of the many highlights of the program while in Turin, an important center for the spreading of scientific culture, is the visit to the Science Academy, similar to the Royal Society of Science in London. The Academy’s motto, VERITAS and UTILITAS, Truth and Utility best distinguishes the Turin Academy of Science from others. The library’s patrimony (more than 250,000 books and 5,000 periodicals) grew in large part thanks to donations of scholars and exchanges of periodicals. The Academy’s historic archive is one of the most important in Piedmont, and contains documents produced by the Academy and its members during more than two centuries of activity. The itinerary will continue with a full-on weekend to Venice, an easy ride by speed train from Turin, where guests will visit, among other treasures, the National Library of St Mark’s a library in a Renaissance building built by the famous architect Jacopo Sansovino between 1537-1553; it is one of the earliest surviving public manuscript depositories in the country, holding one of the greatest collections of classical texts in the world. The library is named after St. Mark, the patron saint of Venice.

From Manuscript to Print, a calligraphy course could be also included –  Professor of palaeography will deliver a talk on the historical aspects of writing. Calligraphers will be particularly interested to take part in a hands-on course of Italic calligraphy using homemade walnut ink to be held by the Turin association Dal Segno alla Scrittura. This unique group has 250 enthusiastic active members keen to learn Uncial, Carolingian, Gothic, Fraktur, Humanistic, and Italics. International calligraphers also come to teach at the association throughout the year.

For more information on the full itinerary and the costs, please email to Patricia:


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