News: Vanuatu Library Relief Fund

4/28/15 –  Vanuatu Library Relief Fund

National Library & Archives, Port Vila, Efate, Vanuatu

Sarah P’s comments: Here is an opportunity to help support a deserving library and archive as well as make a connection to the region with a possible goal of volunteering or working. The South Pacific is not a place you go to make money but the experience is always amazing in one way or another. Vanuatu is part of the University of the South Pacific system, notably the best in the region. Another interesting option is Palau Community College.  Positions for both pop up periodically.


On March 13, Cyclone Pam roared across the islands of the Republic of Vanuatu in the South Pacific causing major devastation and displacement. Though the National Library and Archives were little damaged, many school libraries have been destroyed by Cyclone Pam to the detriment of students across the island archipelago.

June Bela Naviti Vanuatu, Chief Librarian of the National Library and Archives (Facebook), has asked for support to help replenish the collections in school libraries.

ALA is partnering with the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) to collect monetary donations in North America, which will be sent to ALIA, which is leading the relief effort.

Donate to Vanuatu’s Library Relief Fund:

Credit card: Please visit the ALA Development Office page (1. click on the GIVEALA logo, 2. Enter your ALA Login number and password or create a new record, 3. Go to “Fund Categories”, 4. Click on “ALA Major Initiatives”, 5. Scroll down to ‘ALA Vanuatu School Library Relief Fund’, 6. Enter amount you wish to donate, 6. If finished, click the ‘Checkout’ box, 7. Review your transaction, 8. Click on “Add to basket”, 9. Click on “Proceed with Checkout”, 10. Enter your credit card information, 11. Click on ‘Complete Order’)


When a disaster strikes, books can be a critical part of emergency relief

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