Job: Information Literacy Lead Faculty (Full-time remote position)

4/24/15 –  Information Literacy Lead Faculty (Full-time remote position)
Ashford University, USA

Sarah P’s comments:  This position is listed as ‘remote’ however, if interested, check the definition – are you required to be based at one of their campuses in California, Colorado, or Iowa.  Also, must you be a US citizen or is this open to all?


Ashford University’s Division of General Education is looking for a faculty member who is passionate about teaching nontraditional student populations in the subject of Information Literacy, and who understands the needs and challenges adult student populations face. As the Lead for the Information Literacy course, the faculty member would also manage associate faculty and oversee any required curriculum revisions, reviews, and augmentations for the subject area. The ideal candidate should have a strong grasp of Information Literacy and the importance of general education in the development of core competencies across a curriculum.

For a full job description and link to apply, click here:



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