News: Librarian in the Marshall Islands…???

4/16/15 – Would the librarian who contacted me about working and living in the Marshall Islands please write me again?!  Sorry, but I read your message on my phone and now it has disappeared…I am glad to respond as yes, we did work and live there however need your e-mail address…

General news for anyone interested in the Marshall Islands: the main atoll is Majuro and there are generally two librarian opportunities which become periodically available:  the College of the Marshall Islands (they posted this position in 2014, see blog) and the Majuro Cooperative School (job posted 2/15, now filled), a small private school.  Life there is funky, challenging, and interesting all at the same time.

If you want to learn more about this area read Surviving Paradise by  Peter Rudiak-Gould. This is an entertaining as well as enlightening story about life there from an American who spent a year as a volunteer teacher.


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