Job: South Pole Opportunities

4/14/15 – South Pole Job Opportunities

Sarah P’s comments:  In my Traveling Librarian book I wrote the following…

AntarcticaI know, not likely…however if you are interested, GSC (Gana-Yoo Service Corporation) has taken over the hiring of employees for the US Antarctic program and they hire Administrative Coordinators for both the McMurdo and Palmer Stations. Come on…be the first librarian to work on ‘the ice’ as it is known…and then write and tell me about it…

Well, yesterday I noticed that the SouthPole Librarian (name of blog) joined my blog.  Yay! someone has done it and so, if you are seeking adventure GSC is now hiring for the 2015/2016 season and there are several positions where ‘librarian’ skills can be used.  See GSC’s site and the SouthPole Librarian blog posts from 2012 for more information.


GSC Antarctica

A multi-tasker’s dream can be found with employment at the South Pole. GSC, partnering with ESS Services, provides food, housing, recreational, retail, janitorial, and postal assistance for the Antarctica Support Contract [ASC].   We are part of the Lockheed Martin ASC Team supporting the National Science Foundation’s U.S. Antarctic Program.  This is an exciting project with a lot of opportunity if you are a flexible multi-tasker who thrives in remote sites and who can pass a Homeland Security background review.

We are now accepting applications for the 2015/2016 season in Antarctica. For a full list of positions and to submit your application, please click on the link below.

You must apply for each position separately in order to be considered for that specific position. If you have any questions, please email:


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